January 26, 2022


Sorority Sisters

You’ve Got a Friend in Me Friendship is special and precious. It feeds our soul, comforts our spirit, and inspires our intellect. As one of life’s great joys, good friendships should be celebrated – especially ones that last a lifetime.For Pat Beery and Shirley Forden, their friendship spans 70 years,

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Business Showcase

Puréfi: An Elemental Clean

Protect Your Family from Viruses, Bacteria, Chemicals and Mold There’s a phenomenon that happens in the atmosphere when it rains. A term for it – petrichor – was coined in 1964 by Australian scientists. It attempts to describe the earthy smell associated with thunderstorms. The result of compounds like activated

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Travel & Leisure

A Stay Above the Rest:
La Jolla’s Grande Colonial Hotel

There is architecture, and then there is design. One accounts for the specifics of building – specs, features. The other drags your feelings into the picture. Any good resort combines the best of both, introducing its guests to a luxury of mind and spirit: an escape for the entire being.

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