Puréfi: An Elemental Clean

Protect Your Family from Viruses, Bacteria, Chemicals and Mold

There’s a phenomenon that happens in the atmosphere when it rains. A term for it – petrichor – was coined in 1964 by Australian scientists.

It attempts to describe the earthy smell associated with thunderstorms. The result of compounds like activated oxygen and plant oils in the soil contribute to what smells like the cleanest, most fresh air possible. Puréfi Air Systems is a local Orange County distributor for the 97-year-old parent company Aerus – and the company that manufactures products that can replicate that incredible phenomenon…indoors.

There aren’t many companies out there that I fully get behind as a mom. Especially in this day in age, when so many social media influencers prioritize followers over function – image over quality standards. Puréfi stands apart. Not only are they dedicated to educating and helping Orange County residents breathe easier in their homes, offices and schools, they strive to give back where their employees live and work.

The past couple of years have been challenging for us all, not just those of us who have children at home, and the anxiety over airborne pollution and contaminants – not just COVID-19 – seems to have peaked. In our extended family as an example – my mother is asthmatic and several family members face a similar set of allergens and respiratory conditions, so clean air is certainly a priority. Puréfi tackles that on behalf of families like ours, with the only air cleaning technology awarded the prestigious Space of Technology Seal of Approval. (You read that right.)

ActivePure’s portable filtration, purification and sanitization system technology works by destabilizing the outer shell of a virus, pollutant, or bacteria which turns them into harmless by-products. Aerus worked with NASA to design and patent the technology, which makes this “air and surface defender” the only one that actively seeks out contaminants in your home or office. Other technologies can be passive or slow, as they wait for the pollutants to be pulled into their filters. ActivePure doesn’t wait. It neutralizes and continues to protect beyond the initial cleaning 24/7.

Keeping particulates at bay is more important than ever and this is the only technology proven to inactivate 99.99% of SARS COV-2,” says Kaeli Wilson, owner and CEO of Puréfi, whose own family have been utilizing similar technology since 1995.

“My parents were struggling to overcome an air quality issue at their hatchery in Hemet when they met a farmer from Minnesota who was here in California on vacation who suggested a solution, something he called ‘a thunderstorm in a box.’ Dad bought the air cleaning system and in a matter of days, the air quality problem was gone. We’ve been serving Southern California residents ever since.”

So what is it about ions, wave patterns, wind, solar, and oxygen? Well, they go together, first and foremost. More importantly, they’re natural elements designed to keep the environment healthy for its own sake – and thankfully, we benefit from cleaner air. ActivePure works by recreating photocatalysis, the very same process found in nature.

Ridding the air of mold, mildew, viruses, pollen, tobacco smoke, dust, pet dander and chemical particulates in our homes, office, schools, and hospitals is especially critical now that we’re spending close to 90% of our time indoors.

I found it particularly surprising to discover that indoor levels of pollution may be 2 – 5 times higher – and occasionally more than 100 times higher – than outdoor pollutant levels and that “energy-efficient homes trap pollutants” according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

As ActivePure’s systems are portable, with no installation required, you can get one set up in no time, and they’re actually whisper-silent, unlike so many of the so-called kid-friendly devices out there that clutter the home with noise pollution and produce ozone while they’re at it.

While also featuring complementary HEPA, Ionization and Activated Carbon technologies, there’s just no downside. Especially for those with asthma, allergies, COPD and now COVID transitioning to endemic, general health has never been easier to access.

The scientists were onto something when they started talking about an atmospheric perfume in the 60’s. Smells like an obvious choice to me.

For a Free Indoor Air Analysis, contact Puréfi – The Air & Surface Defender
(949) 295-9323

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