Welcome LiveSmart Technologies!

A new and exciting company has arrived in Laguna Woods to help community members and South County residents with a “tech made easy” approach.

Actually, the company isn’t new given that is has been in business since 2015 – but “new” in the sense that the owner has moved into Laguna Woods and will focus on community members in/around the area.
LiveSmart features three (3) primary areas of:

  1. Home automation
  2. Simple security systems
  3. Networking and IT for the home

Before you write this off as “not for me,” there are a few things you should know first. The burgeoning world of home automation is expanding greatly and mostly service two extremes of the market: The Do It Yourself (DIY) “techies” and the high-end wealthy. Not anymore. LiveSmart sits squarely in between these two extremes to serve what they view as the “middle market” with vary affordable solutions for everyone.

This includes providing some very easy, yet powerful, ways to assist community members simplify tasks in their homes. This leads to increased safety and peace of mind as well as saving money.

We sat down with the owner, Gary Russell, to delve into this further.

Question: How did you get started in this industry? What is your background?
Answer: I became interested in the “smart home” around 2012. I did some research and then went to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which I did most years. After surveying the various emerging offerings, I was hooked and got the idea for the business.

My background is in systems engineering and program management so starting a business like LiveSmart made perfect sense. I had been at a few different start-ups holding senior level positions which helped with business management and leadership.

Interesting that my last “corporate” job was senior director of command & control systems at Raytheon in Fullerton, CA. When you think about it, this is what the smart home is all about. Obtaining sensor information and making decisions automatically based on this information. So ironically a great fit.

Q: What do you see as the main benefits of a smart home?
A: So many. First, things can be automated. Everything from your lights, to temperature settings to gorgeous motorized shades to pool and spa filtration systems. Sort of a “set and forget” type of approach. Plus they are all integrated – meaning the shades can automatically adjust based on temperature or light levels. This not only keeps you more comfortable but also saves money and energy.

The integration is the key and I’ll talk about this more because it’s so important. You don’t want one system (app) for your thermostat, another for your lights and yet another for locks. You want them integrated so that all work together in a holistic system. This doesn’t need to be ghastly expensive anymore. It’s really very affordable and we customize everything for you.

Then there is the “command & control” part whereby you can change the temperature, turn on a light or unlock a door from just about anywhere. This may sound trivial but it’s super powerful.

Q: Can you give an example of how this could be used for a senor community member living alone in their home?
A: I’m glad you asked. Ok, let’s say it’s bed time. You climb into bed and there is a convenient button on the nightstand. You push that button and the following happens: All lights are turned off. All locks are locked up if by chance any were left unlocked. The thermostat is adjusted to the preferred nighttime temperature. A little light momentarily turns “green” to let you know it’s all secured for the night. A text message is sent to your loved one that reads “All secure at Mom’s place tonight”. Just a single button does all that. Easy, yet powerful.

Q: Besides home automation, what else does LiveSmart provide?
A: In addition to home automation, we install security cameras and help homes and small businesses with their networking needs. Real simple things like setting up your network, ensuring best WiFi coverage, ensuring all printers and scanners work well, etc. All very affordable.

Q: You say “affordable.” Can you give an example of this?
A: We are offering some “smart” packages and an introduction to the community. They are located here on our web site: https://livesmarttech.com/affordable-automation/. Note that all include installation which means you get the low price of DIY but with us handling everything for you and getting it set up. Once you have the foundation, it’s easy to add things later as your budget and interest allow. Plus there are no monthly fees or contracts required!

We welcome folks to browse our web site at livesmarttech.com to get a better feel for the offerings. We are a small business and all our interactions are personal with me. I can be reached at 714-505-1008 and at gary@livesmarttech.com. General inquiries can go to info@livesmarttech.com.

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