Home Automation Made Easy with LiveSmart Technologies

In the following interview, we asked Owner Gary Russell to share the benefits of incorporating simple automation systems into the home.

South County Magazine: Can you describe the benefits to users with a LiveSmart system?

Gary: The many benefits include money and energy savings, enhanced security, increased peace of mind and increased independence. I’ll share concrete examples of each:

Saving Money + Energy
Saving money and energy practically go hand in hand. A smart thermo- stat allows you to change the temperature in your home or turn your lights on and off remotely. So even if you are away, you can quickly and easily operate the controls inside your home from just about anywhere in the world.

Enhanced Security
A smart lock is a simple way to ensure that your home is locked up at a specifies time each day or night and also frees you up from carrying keys. Just a touch of a button on the ‘app’ or entering a 4-digit code on the lock itself, gets the job done. Easy – and if by chance you want to let someone in while you are away, you can do that and then lock it back up again when they are done.

Increased Peace of Mind and Independence
One of the great benefits of an integrated smart home is that the various elements work together. Let’s say it’s bed time. You climb into bed and there is a convenient button on the nightstand. You push that button and the following happens: All lights are turned off. All locks are locked up if by chance any were left unlocked. The thermostat is adjusted to the preferred nighttime temperature. A little light momentarily turns “green” to let you know it’s all secured for the night. A text message is sent to your loved one that reads “All secure at Mom’s place tonight”. No need to run around the house and turn everything off and lock up. One button does it all.

SCM: Smart devices are available online and in big box stores. Is there a benefit to using LiveSmart’s integrated system?

Owner Gary Russell

Gary: These individual systems are pretty good, but now you are opening up one app to control your thermostat; another for your lights and yet a third to lock the door. Our system does it all in a single app. Plus, with an integrator like us, you get someone who installs all this for you and understands how it works, so you don’t need an electrician for the lights, a locksmith for the lock and yet another specialist for the sprinkler control. With our services, you get the low price of ‘DIY,’ but with expert installation and tech support. Once you have the foundation, it’s easy to add things later as your budget and interests allow.

We are a small business and all our interactions are personal with me. I can be reached at (714) 505-1008 and gary@livesmarttech.com. Or visit www.livesmarttech.com.

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