The Real Deal Has Arrived

By Joanna Espinueva

Ending Your Timeshare Just Got Easier

Thousands of timeshare owners have successfully ended their timeshares through a proven resource, We Want Your Timeshare.

The company has a unique model which is centered around a transaction with a major bonus, every client receives a 3-year membership to a travel club! In essence, your timeshare is traded into a travel club that will be able to use it. The previous owner is then able to enjoy a couple of years of unrestricted travel without the hassle of timesharing systems.

Offering education and resources for avoiding timeshare exit scams is a passion for their CEO Alexandra Olson. “In an industry riddled with deceit and fraud, we give our knowledge freely and hope, if nothing else, that we can help the masses avoid being the victim of a scam.”

As a 15-year veteran of the timeshare industry, Olson has catapulted into the spotlight as the leading industry expert on timeshare and exit scams. It even landed her on FOX 10 Phoenix, ABC 15, The Arizona Republic and the Phoenix Business Journal.

Whether estate planning, sick of the never-ending cycle of rising maintenance fees, or just tired of dealing with the archaic, expensive exchange system, there are plenty of reasons folks are looking to dump their timeshare.

When asked about We Want Your Timeshare, Olson shares “our mission is to revolutionize the timeshare exit industry by providing a zero-risk option for timeshare owners that want out! We’re very transparent about it. No risk, an amazing replacement product and a legal timeshare exit so you can be done with your timeshare forever. We’re very proud of that!”

CEO Alexandra Olson’s Top Tips for Avoiding Timeshare Scams

    Most timeshare exit companies will try to cancel a timeshare as there are no buyers. The only guaranteed way out is to find someone else willing to become the new owner.
    If anyone advises you to stop paying maintenance fees as a means of negotiating your timeshare contract, RUN! This can lead to impact on credit and other assets and ultimately encourage the resort to be unwilling to approve a transfer.
    Accept that there are thousands of timeshares not selling for one penny. Timeshare is outdated and there is no market for resale. Do not pay timeshare listing companies to advertise something that will never sell.

Olson will be presenting her popular seminar, “What to do About that Timeshare” on November 14th near Laguna Woods Village at the Sonesta Select Laguna Hills at 10 am. Coffee & Pastries will be served. To secure a space (limited) interested timeshare owners can call 602-734-5590.

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