How to Choose the Best STEM/STEAM Summer Program For Middle School Students

”STEM education is very important to mankind just like the water we drink and the air we breathe in, we need it to produce more critical thinkers, problem-solvers, innovators, and the world best economy drivers.” – Bamigboye Olurotimi, Writer, Poet, Technologist

Middle School is an important period for students to learn and discover their interests especially as they begin to learn more about subjects and think about their futures. And because they receive exposure to a variety of different subjects, it can introduce students to a subject they love and can grow their passion for. Developing a strong understanding of what they like and are good at can help students chart a path for their future especially as they prepare to enter High School.
Incorporated STEM/STEAM in Middle School programs can introduce students to essential soft skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. STEM/STEAM in Middle School curriculums provides an excellent opportunity to teach students about a new area of study. It can set them up for success with the soft skills they will need in the workplace as adults.

When you have a Middle School student, the summer months can be instrumental in preventing summer brain drain and continuing your student’s education. However, keeping their minds engaged can be fun, too. STEM/STEAM summer programs for Middle School students are the perfect mixture of fun and educational engagement. Since choosing from the myriad of options is often a daunting task, follow these three tips to find the ideal program for your middle schooler, whether they’re a writer extraordinaire or budding scientist.

1. Look for a program that sparks passion

Whether your middle schooler loves completing engineering homework every night or is constantly reading, finding a summer camp that focuses on their passion will make for a fun summer. Academic STEM/STEAM summer camps are far from the summer school of your youth. Instead of worksheets and textbooks, your child will get to complete hands-on experiments and explore traditional subjects like science, language arts, and math through a new lens.

Your coder will love exploring the world of artificial intelligence and machines where they will learn how to teach computers to play games and find patterns using advanced algorithms and programming. If your child prefers the classic written word, let them hone their reading, writing, and grammar skills in a creative writing class!

2. Choose a camp that sets your child up for success

Summer can be the perfect time to set your child up for success in Middle School, especially if they struggled with certain subjects during the school year. Summer camp can help them catch up on material in a low-pressure setting. Regardless of what your child needs a little extra help with, summer at Stratford is the ideal way to gain that extra edge as they go into sixth, seventh, or eighth grade.

Alternatively, if your child is gearing up to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT) next year, our HSPT prep course will provide them with the tools they need to excel on the test and get into their High School of choice. Using individualized instruction, summer HSPT prep courses at Stratford are a great resource for your child.

3. Find a camp that teaches your child to solve real-world problems

It is never too early for your middle schooler to start thinking about and tackling problems that people are facing outside of school. Summer camps at Stratford are the perfect opportunity for your child to learn science concepts through creative, real-world situations.

Summer should be a fun and relaxing time for middle schoolers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep their brains engaged and learning over the break. Set your child up for success in the coming year by enrolling them in a STEM/STEAM summer program for Middle School students and allowing their inner writer, scientist, or mathematician to flourish!

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