LiveSmart Helps with Security and Peace of Mind

Home automation and security is available for just about any application. Living “smart” is now easy and affordable.

Preserve your independence with confidence.

At bedtime, there is a convenient “Good Night” button right on the nightstand. Press it and …

  • All the lights go off
  • The front and back door locks are locked up
  • The thermostat is set to your favorite sleeping temperature
  • A text message is sent to a loved one letting them know that “All secure at Mom’s place tonight.”

No permanent installation – all the same capability.

  • Wireless cameras
  • Smart Plugs for Lamps and Appliances
  • Door/Window Sensors (battery powered)
  • Motion Sensors (battery powered)
  • Chime/Siren
  • App (iPhone, iPad or Android)

Travel with confidence.

Enjoy all the benefits of a smart home during your stay and know everything will be secure until you return. Tap the “Good-Bye Button” and …

  • The alarm is set
  • Door and window sensors are in place
  • Indoor cameras turn on (if you want them).
  • All locks are locked and monitored
  • Lights are turned on at night to so it looks like someone is home.
  • Sensors will alert you if any unexpected gasses are detected.
  • Motion alerts let you know if there is anything unusual so you can look at the cameras, activate a siren, turn on lights, etc.


Remotely monitor and control the property while “vacant.” Transition to “occupied” with ease with all the same aforementioned features.

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Connect with Owner Gary Russell directly at (714) 505 1008 or

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