Building Our Youth and Community Through Sports

By Tim Vizzi

NextGen NFL Flag was created to build our youth and community through sports. An outlet for kids to first HAVE FUN and develop their skills and character through the game’s lessons. Through our program, we will shape better athletes, but more importantly, better people.

Our league creates an unforgettable experience for the kids while preparing them for life’s challenges by instilling qualities like teamwork, preparation, healthy competition, and discipline. These experiences help build character, confidence, and strength – qualities that extend beyond the field and into their futures.

We aim to elevate our athletes and make them feel like the pros. We create an atmosphere that fosters the “superstar effect,” where players are encouraged to unleash their full potential. From our introductions and smoke tunnel pregame entrances to our ESPN-level postgame interviews, we ignite their excitement and passion for the game.

The author Tim Vizzi (R) with his brother Matt

One of my life’s biggest blessings was having my older brother guide me through my football journey, looking out for me and teaching me invaluable life lessons. We carry this sense of brotherhood into running this program. Being in a position of mentorship, molded by our own trials and triumphs, to our youth who depend on us is a privilege and responsibility we feel called to. We believe any kid can be anything they are willing to work hard enough for, and we want to instill that confidence and strength into them so they can develop in it.

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NextGen High School/Adult League Coming this Winter!
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Crafting a league experience that reflects our values and vision, we’ve created an unparalleled experience that resonates with both our players and parents. Parents, you’re more than spectators; you’re the game’s soundtrack, shaping the energy on the field and creating an electric atmosphere for the kids to thrive.

This league is more than just a flag league – it’s a community and family growing season after season forming lifelong memories and bonds. We are proud of how far we’ve come and are excited to make this Fall 23 the biggest and best one yet! Come join our NextGen NFL Flag Family.

NextGen NFL Flag Football
Fall Registration open through September 7th
3 Seasons a Year:
Fall, Winter, & Spring
Serving Grades K-8th, Co-Ed
(949) 427-0575

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