HAMMER & NAILS | Now Partnered with ZERO Prostate Cancer

HAMMER & NAILS, located in the Ocean Ranch Village in Laguna Niguel, remains your premier destination in Orange County offering the only complete grooming experience for men has now partnered with ZERO Prostate Cancer.

Since opening in 2018, HAMMER & NAILS clients have come to expect the highest levels of Men’s Grooming services in Orange County. Now, gentlemen that may be faced with the challenge of cancer treatments can also depend on them providing grooming services with dignity. They have established a ZERO Cancer account that is funded by staff, clients, family & community members to provide complimentary services for those that may be needing services. “We have already had several of our clients recently diagnosed that while going through their treatment had to make the difficult decision to rather than helplessly experience more of their hair falling-out each day to come in and have their head shaved by one of our thoughtful and talented barbers.”, stated owners, Mike & Beverly Shepherd. Beverly, who has performed several of these shaves, continued, “We just want to try and make them feel good about themselves and look ‘Cool’ with their head shaved”. Thank you, Michael Jordon!”

One of their most recent clients, David B. shared his experience with co-owner, Mike; “I was practically crying with happiness when I left your salon. I was very nervous going in for the first head shave of my 62-year life. I’m battling cancer and chemo caused me to lose 90% of my hair. My wife encouraged me to shave my head instead of it looking thin and sickly. Josiah was very understanding and encouraging. He made me feel good about myself and my new look. I felt empowered having a real US Marine cut my hair. Even the patron next to me offered positive support. Oh, they offered me water when I arrived. In fact, they notified me my technician Josiah was running early, so I arrived early. Since I’ve never had my head shaved, my scalp was ghost white. Josiah noticed a few spots that might need to be looked at by a dermatologist. He may have saved a life with such good advice. He also gave me tips on protecting the top of my head. He was kind enough to apply suntan lotion to my scalp. I was already positive and feeling good about myself when I went to the counter to pay. The nice man there informed me that you partner with Zero Cancer (or something like that) and there would be no charge the service today. Wow, did I feel special and cared for. That’s when the tears almost started. What I thought going in was going to be a traumatic experience turned out to be one of compassion and empowerment. Mike, since you ask, it couldn’t have gone one bit better! Of course, I’ll be back the next time my head needs adjustment. Thanks again, Dave.”

Clients that have moved out of the area have confirmed they still come from as far away from their new homes in Los Angeles; Miami and even Puerto Rico for their semi-monthly service(s) to experience the talented staff of Men’s Stylists, Barbers, & Nail Technicians assembled at HAMMER & NAILS in Laguna Niguel. “We believe we have assembled the best talent and most amazing staff in all of Orange County and the word has gotten out. The positive energy they share with their clients and each other makes Hammer & Nails ‘the place” for gentlemen to come, relax, and be treated like nowhere else.” stated the owners, Mike & Beverly.

Premium + Classic Services

  • MANicure

The ZERO Story – Most people don’t know that a watershed moment for prostate cancer was inspired by breast cancer. In 1996, several groups of concerned patients, physicians, and advocates came together to create the National Prostate Cancer Coalition. Modeled after the National Breast Cancer Coalition, this new organization was formed to stand up for men and their families impacted by prostate cancer and become a political force for a cure.

The first challenge was to create public awareness and a collective voice for the prostate cancer movement. We brought the face of prostate cancer to Congress with testimony from survivors and those who lost loved ones to the disease, spearheading the Department of Defense’s Prostate Cancer Research Program. We championed strategic alliances with national and local organizations and politicians to advance and protect critical government funds for prostate cancer research. We pioneered free mobile prostate cancer screening across the nation through our Drive Against Prostate Cancer program, testing more than 130,000 at-risk men and alerting them to potentially life-saving information.

As the prostate cancer landscape has evolved, so have we. Today, we are the destination for taking action to end prostate cancer and creating solutions to meet the most critical needs of our community. One of the most important initiatives at ZERO is advancing health equity to help bridge the gap between racial and health disparities in prostate cancer among Black men, one of the groups most at risk for prostate cancer. ZERO continues to be on the front lines in Washington, D.C., and grassroots communities to help drive new legislation and policies that positively impact the lives of those at risk and who are suffering from this disease. We provide men and families with educational resources and funding promising research for improved early detection options. Our mantra to support, educate, and activate is mobilizing a like-minded, passionate, and multigenerational army of advocates across the country to ZERO out this disease once and for all. Learn more at: zerocancer.org

The HAMMER & NAILS concept is one of the fastest growing franchises in the country with more than 40 locations scheduled to be open across the U.S. in the next 18-months.


These Premium MANicure/Pedicure Combo are the Signature Services of HAMMER & Nails found nowhere else and are the service that places us a level above any other nail salon for Men. All our Premium Pedicure services include callus resurfacing, infused signature scrub, hand & foot massage, nail care (clip, file, and buff), finishing with warm paraffin on your hands & feet, and our steamed towel wrap.

The Jack Hammer Experience
Rich, liquid-gold from fingers to toes. This is the ultimate Premium MANicure and Pedicure combination for whiskey fanatics. Our Whiskey infused scrub and shot of Jack in your foot bath acts as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory removing bacteria and dirt. Enjoy with a glass of Jack with a rock… what could possibly be better?

The Hops & Cedar Experience
Beer-lover’s bliss. This Premium MANicure and Pedicure combination will have you walking on clouds. This service includes a Stout beer added to your foot bath right in front of you including our cedarwood oil-infused soak and scrub. Beer is an effective detoxifier and has anti-bacterial properties as well as being a great skin pH balancer.

The Big Daddy Experience
Refresh & relax with our most popular Hand & Foot experience. This clarifying lemon and peppermint treatment will leave your hands & feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The natural coolant properties of Peppermint calms and soothes your skin and is a natural anti-inflammatory paired with fresh lemons and their antimicrobial properties.

The Milk & Honey Experience
Saturate your skin in luxury. This is an incredibly moisturizing Premium MANicure and Pedicure combination. We incorporate a coconut milk-infused soak and honey-infused scrub for the ultimate treatment for dry, rough skin. Coconut milk contains vitamins C, E and B6, iron, and magnesium that are beneficial for the skin. Add to that your hand & foot massage with pure honey packed with enzymes, antioxidants as well as other nutrients that will nourish and moisturize your skin.

Hammer & Nails
32411 Golden Lantern, Unit H
Laguna Niguel
(in the Ocean Ranch Village II)
(949) 340-3559

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