Elam’s Hallmark. Christmas in July at Your Neighborhood Gift Store!

I might be dating myself here, but I much prefer handwritten greetings to electronic missives. Whether it arrives in the mail or is hand-delivered, receiving a special occasion – or no occasion at all – card or gift is all the more meaningful because of the thought and time involved versus simply typing out a quick text and emoji.

My daughter loves to send cards to the people she loves, “to cheer them up,” “celebrate a special occasion,” “say thank you” or to just let someone know she’s thinking of them. If it’s obvious to a child that people need something thoughtful in their lives, it makes perfect sense why a place like Elam’s Hallmark would be such a staple in the community. Guy Elam and his wife Mary started the family-run business back in 1979 – and over the years joined by their daughters Christie and Joni and son Scott – have been putting more care into the world, one card at a time.

You’d be surprised at the variety of products Elam’s carries. Hallmark conjures up such a strong Christmas or Valentines association that it would be easy to make the mistake of assuming that’s all they have in stock. But their 11 stores in San Diego (and their newest location in Laguna Niguel) receive new merchandise weekly: gifts for literally any event. Baby showers, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and their fastest growing niche: Just Because.

“It’s more than the cards,” says Scott. “It’s our neighbors and friends. We’re local, and we’re proud to serve the folks who want to shop local.”

Hallmark will release over 250 new Keepsake Ornaments! We will have special Limited Quantity ornaments available only during the Ornament Premiere – including this first-in-a-series YOUNG SANTA ornament.

We will also have a FREE gift with purchase and other promotions!

Elam’s Hallmark
27230 Alicia Parkway, Ste. A
Laguna Niguel
(949) 448-9652

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