Doheny Bike

The Fastest Growing E-Bike Company in Dana Point

Quite a lot of us are staying closer to home when we decide to venture out, and Doheny
Bike has adapted its entire business to stay with its customer every step of the way.

Emerging as the fastest-growing e-bike company in Dana Point, it’s by design that Jason Spates and his team have expanded their offerings, grown in their community presence, and are actively giving back.

Folks are looking for an easy way to stay active and see the neighborhood. Luckily, Doheny Bike has the local intel, and a unique “fold-n-go” bike which can easily get you to the beach, the trail, or wherever your minivan, camper converted pickup, or RV will take you. Many of us are pretty familiar with the trails, tracks, beaches, and backyard eateries within few miles of our homes or offices. While it takes a bit of imagination to figure out what you might do with kiddos who have been relatively cooped up for the past couple of years, it takes almost no time at all to sort out that two wheels on a compact frame can get you and your family virtually any amount of freedom you desire: in a community you already know and love.

Owners Jason Spates (R) and Micah Meiring

With a battery ready for up to 35 miles and a 7-speed Shimano Derailleur, you can take on all sorts of terrain with speed and style. The pedal-assist feature lets riders achieve top speeds of up to 28 mph, which makes an easy jaunt to the grocery store or a ride down to the boardwalk simple and stress-free. Doheny has all the accessories you might need for a tour around town, down to the helmet and compact duffel bag. Access, mobility, personal freedom, and unrestricted travel have never been so close at hand.
The demand to get outdoors and on the road is fueling the drive toward recreational activities in across the country, and e-bikes are running away with the market with a projected growth rate of close to 11% over the next few years, marching right along with a booming housing market and burgeoning infrastructure development. Targeting not only recent retirees, but enthusiasts of all ages looking to stay active, get outside or simply prefer to tool around town on an E-bike – the evolved and infinitely more exciting electric iteration of the traditional two-wheeler.

“The Fold N’ Go design provides a solution for buyers that want to travel in smaller cars with electric bikes and ultimately extend their outdoor adventures.”

While E-bike purveyors are seemingly on every corner, few have experienced the explosion in interest and growth locally like Doheny Bike – the fastest growing E-bike company in Dana Point.

This is perhaps due in large measure to the popularity, versatility, utility and affordability of the company’s Fold N’ Go collection – available in a array of colors and profiles. But undoubtedly in equal measure is the mission of its ownership to “give back to the community.”

As Southern California natives who were lucky enough to have lived near the world-famous Doheny Beach surf spot their entire lives, Jason and Micah are now a couple of local dads who recognized the opportunity to “give back, to contribute to our community that shaped our childhood, and it felt natural to encourage mobility and personal freedom. Our freedom was nearly unlimited as kids in the 1970’s and 80’s – we wanted our own kids to be as mobile as we were.”

The idea of access and freedom have long been associated with the bicycle, and because Doheny Bike believes in sending its patrons out on adventures to places unknown where they might not have ventured before, they set out to provide an affordable solution for everyday mobility.

“With the average buyer’s budget in mind, we wanted a functional riding experience that is not trendy, awkward and limited to your hometown,” says Micah. “Creating the agility of the Fold N’ Go anywhere design, we have provided a solution to buyers that want to travel in a smaller car with electric bikes and ultimately extend their outdoor adventures.”

As parents, Jason and Micah stress the importance of safety, and encourage all riders to be over 16, along with the importance of sizing the bike out, wearing a helmet, and meeting minimum requirements to ride the bikes safely on the road.

“It should be fun, but we’re also thinking beyond fun, to community, individual expression, and the ability to remain mobile.” On a single charge, you can ride up to 50 miles. Put a basket on the back and you’re ready for the store or farmer’s market. “I wanted something better than traffic in my car and I just knew that the options I had to help my community needed to be affordable and reliable.”

With a background in commercial truck leasing and loans, and an early pandemic ride on his nephew’s electric scooter, genius was born. “There’s something about being out in the fresh air that made a great start to the day.” The recent cycling boom couldn’t agree more.

Doheny Bike
34163 Pacific Coast Hwy. #100
Dana Point
(949) 427-3305

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