April 27, 2023

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Ask a SOMM

A good sommelier is a helper, a guide to finding the best wine for your food and experience. For this month’s installment, we again approached South County-based sommelier Micah Sampson for a bit of education about the wine/food pairings, whether the size and shape of the glass makes a difference

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Masterpiece in Motion

Investing the SAFER Way with Jerry Slusiewicz, Pacific Financial Planners I’ve heard it said that when Michelangelo was sculpting David, his attention to the stone was focused internally: because the statue was already inside. He just had to reveal it. Genius never appears the same way twice, and yet there

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Business Showcase

Spring Style. Desert HillsPremium Outlets

I was out with my husband and our two teens last year on Mother’s Day. He’d asked what I wanted to do and I thought something super low key – dinner in and a family movie night sounded just about right. This year, my 15-year-old daughter decided on an entirely

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Travel & Leisure

Silverado Resort

Exceptional, Indulgent – the Ideal Napa Valley Retreat When folks say ‘Napa,’ pretty much all anyone hears is “adults only.” It honestly seems like one of those idyllic, sun-soaked, resort locales where everyone is getting a spa service and playing golf while sipping the region’s renowned varietals. Simultaneously. Not to

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Health & Wellness

Do I Really Need an IV?

By Sunao Gilbert, MD, FAARFM, ABAARM The body consists of approximately 100 trillion cells and in one cell there are 10 billion chemical reactions occurring every second!!! Please take a moment to think about that. The enormity of this number makes it almost impossible to fathom the complexity of nutritive

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Nature Nurtures

Outdoor Living at The Covington Retirement Community, Aliso Viejo Nestled in the hills of Aliso Viejo, The Covington greets its residents and guests with a Mediterranean-style landscape that invites you to stroll the grounds and enjoy the ideal weather of South Orange County. Tucked away under the trees is a

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