Dream Vacation. Rent a Long-term Getaway in South Lake Tahoe

Dream Vacation. Rent a Long-term Getaway in South Lake Tahoe

Jun 30, 2021

The world has changed in myriad ways over the past year and a half. Culturally, socially, politically: you name it, it has likely been altered in some way.

Residents in South Lake Tahoe aren’t strangers to change, especially those who spend part of their year in another town entirely. Renting out vacation homes has been a long-time means of maintaining second homes, and keeping the year-round tourist business thriving in a city where the fun just doesn’t stop. Full ski slopes in the winter months and an icy blue lake in the summer, there’s more than enough to keep folks clamoring for more no matter the season. But a recent voter referendum banned vacation rentals within city limits, and for the past few months, many owners have scrambled to sort out how they can balance the demand for flexible space with the legal ramifications of such a mandate.

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Enter the newly minted and expanded work (or school!) from home world! With the freedom to take a laptop on the road and have your mobile desk available anywhere you have an internet connection, long-term rentals have literally exploded. Around the world, owners are seeing an enormous spike in requests for month(s)-long rentals. Home, away from home.

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South Lake Tahoe is no different. A pristine, vibrant destination, chock full of possibilities when you can unpack and stay for a bit longer. Through the region's premier vacation home rental agency, Tahoe Keys Resort (www.tahoevacationguide.com) visitors can book their choice of over one hundred properties around the lake available for singles, couples, families and extended families looking for a fantastic getaway with no hassle and days and days of vacation - or work/school in an environment that feels like a vacation - ahead of them. 31-day plus, as a matter of fact. It’s never too early (or too late!) to start planning your next escape. And think - it could be over a month, and just a month away to one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

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