Spotlight on:  The Law Offices  of William Radcliffe Minimizing Objections:  Caring for Clients in the Courtroom

Spotlight on: The Law Offices of William Radcliffe Minimizing Objections: Caring for Clients in the Courtroom

Long before Neil Patrick Harris stepped onto the Broadway stage or became the skirt-chasing Barney Stinson in “How I Met Your Mother,” he was a young favorite of television audiences who followed his daily trials as Doogie Howser, M.D. - tackling the combined drama that accompanied being the country’s youngest surgeon and the typical issues of an American teenager. Though perhaps not a spot-on comparison, William Radcliffe surely felt some of the same pressures when he became one of California’s youngest attorneys to ever pass the bar exam. For the past 32 years, William has practiced law: at first alongside his father, John Radcliffe; and then, on his own. Hanging out a shingle as a young attorney takes guts and gumption, but William wasn’t long flying solo.

In 1986 he married his bride, Bonnie, and the two have been taking on the legal world ever since. Bonnie Radcliffe began her career as a legal secretary, working for an attorney in Ontario. Much like William, she soon made moves to start her own business, opening “Bonnie’s Paralegal” shortly after she and Bill tied the knot. Processing uncontested divorces and finding her aptitude in the business, her client base grew. She worked as Bill’s paralegal, and found her loyal customers helpful in maximizing his business - one of the first law firms that offered traditional attorney representation as well as giving clients the assistance and confidence to represent themselves.

With an office motto of “whatever it takes,” it is no surprise that the pair have grown a reputation for timely work and fair expenses. Lawyers, infamous in pop culture for exorbitant fees and overages, seem to relish their reputation: but Bill and Bonnie are swimming against the tide. “We understand that not everyone can afford a large legal retainer - no one wants to spend more than necessary.”

Challenging the status quo has always come second nature to the Radcliffes, and in 1990 they stepped out even further, moving first into the world of bankruptcies, and then wills and trusts. Finding their way to family law wasn’t a far reach, and soon they were taking on a multitude of cases for an enormous array of clients. For this legal team, working with clients in the US military is a particularly rewarding aspect of their practice as both William and Bonnie come from families with a strong military background: William’s father served as an officer in Military Intelligence post WWII and while Bonnie’s father was an officer of allied forces in the Dutch Army and a prisoner of war in Japan. William was a founding board member of Patriotic Hearts, a non-profit organization with a mission to help support US veterans and help them find employment. Additionally, William and Bonnie volunteer in the Children’s Ministry at Saddleback Church, San Clemente.

But can you expect the same caliber of work from an office functioning under a conscience? “Experience comes first. Put the area of your need first, and find someone who will offer you assistance, regardless if it comes in the form of expertise or traditional representation.” Move over Doogie - the Radcliffe’s are in the business of helping and they’re coming your way.

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