OC Revive. Renewing the Lives of Struggling Teens + Giving Hope to Their Families

OC Revive. Renewing the Lives of Struggling Teens + Giving Hope to Their Families

Mar 30, 2021

Being a teenager is hard. There isn’t really another way to say it. Having some distance from those years and looking back, I realize now just how harrowing it can be.

My friend’s younger brother struggled with underage drinking and drug use, both coping mechanisms for his ongoing depression. She shared the struggles he and their family underwent as he battled his addictions.

For Derek Walsh, co-founder and COO of OC Revive, that struggle is all too familiar. Throughout high school and college, he struggled with peer pressure, learning challenges and substance abuse. On October 15, 2012, Derek overcame his own substance abuse problem and dedicated himself to helping others work through their own addiction - starting his career in recovery the following year. Over the course of the ensuing decade, Derek worked his way through numerous roles at top rated treatment centers and began to see a pattern that those struggling individuals would have benefited immensely from receiving help earlier in life.

Determined to be a part of the solution in finding a way to address those issues at an earlier age with interventions before adulthood, Derek and Tyler Michaelis decided to start OC Revive - to make sure teens get the help they need to find a purpose that leads them to a life of happiness and success. Tyler, whose story mirrors that of Derek's in many ways, shares the same passion and purpose - dedicating their life's work to helping teens and their families.

OC Revive started because a team of like-minded professionals wanted to bring change and hope to their community. Offering services that are rarely found in the area, OC Revive (OCR) will be celebrating its second anniversary this spring. Derek, Tyler and their team of psychologists, family therapists, addictions counselors, tutors and direct care staff are proud of what they have built, focusing on the younger population.

“We’re not a large corporation, so we can relate personally to clients.” With primary mental health and secondary substance abuse services, their licensed clinical staff utilizes comprehensive treatment modalities that are tailored to individual needs, incorporating "evidence-based care for each client's personalized treatment plan."

Working alongside myriad community organizations such as California Youth Services, Waymakers, CHOC, UCI Medical and Irvine Unified School District helps to get the word out, and ensure they are able to help the widest range of adolescents possible.

“Early intervention is the key," says Derek. "If we can break the cycle, these teens and young adults won’t struggle like I did. That’s all I can ask for.”

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