Betsy Sanz

Betsy Sanz

When you started planning for your ultimate home theater set-up and sound system, did you plot your perfect flat screen location and find that the outlets were placed at exactly the right distance, with the perfect electrical scenario for everything you wanted to do?

Could you find the right media cabinetry for your particular space – cabinetry that wouldn’t catch on fire from the heat of the equipment, or that would simply look good in the room? Did you understand half of what the televisions, receivers and other devices could do, and did you have anyone to hold your hand to make sure you weren’t overspending for what you wanted? Yeah, neither did I.

Skip MyersSkip MyersBig box retailers, the professed champions of value, are happy to sell you any home theater and sound equipment you think you might like, and send you off to figure it out at home. That’s what they do. And that’s all they do.

If you want the home theater system that you envision, you need Skip Myers of ReelTime Sight & Sound, the guy you can lean on to take you from start to finish for the home theater or sound system of your dreams.

“Usually there is a part of the job that you find you just can’t do by yourself,” says Skip, who has overseen the design and installation of thousands of home theater and sound systems over the course of forty years in the business. “You get your brand new television home, you’re so excited, then you realize you need to move an outlet or none of the cabinets you can find will fit your space. We’re here to make sure you get the equipment that will give you what you want and the system that will work with that equipment, without leaving you to fend for yourself.”

The technicians and designers that Skip assigns to clients are all ReelTime Sight & Sound employees, knowledgeable in all home theater and sound technologies. First, they work closely with you to determine what you’re looking for. Then they custom design every aspect of the project, from wiring to custom-built cabinets, frames, or built-in wall designs. Finally, licensed, in-house contractors install your entertainment system with care and precision.

Connect with Skip Myers and ReelTime Sight & Sound by calling (949) 240-0555, stop by the showroom at 26381 Via De Anza in San Juan Capistrano or visit

Tax, Accounting and Business Solutions for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Starting and running a business can be a risky, difficult thing. It takes a certain kind of person to even think about doing it, much less to actually execute. All the leading business publications, and any voice competing to be an authority on the entrepreneurial spirit, have a published list of personality traits that are common to entrepreneurs.

Courage. Passion. Vision. Tolerance of ambiguity. Tenacity. Flexibility. This is the heart of the entrepreneur.

If entrepreneurs share common personality traits, it follows that they also face common challenges. Many entrepreneurs who start a business are not totally prepared for the reality of, well, business. Passion for baked goods doesn’t exactly equal passion for tax prep; a vision for new technological inventions isn’t always accompanied by a vision for corporate structure.

Paperwork. Bookkeeping. Tax strategizing. Investor relations. Growth and exit planning. This is the life of the entrepreneur.

Fortunately for Orange County-based visionaries, there is Wertz & Company, the accounting firm that thrives on helping entrepreneurs turn their idea-driven ventures into businesses that can boom.  

Entrepreneurial Roots

Russ Wertz has the entrepreneurial spirit. Thirty years ago he took a leap of faith and co-founded an accounting firm of his own. Russ is a people lover and a problem solver. His clients – particularly other entrepreneurs – would come to him for accounting and tax services, but would have many additional needs.

“Entrepreneurs are a special breed,” says Russ. “They are hard workers. They are driven by belief in their product or service. But they don’t always see all the factors that can make or break their business. I have just always loved assisting and guiding them in all the financial logistics that go into making a business successful.”

Because Russ cared about the success of their ventures, he found himself helping his clients in matters of cash flow, credit, banking, trust formation, staffing and more. He opened his door in a way that many accounting firms don’t. And his clients stayed.

Over the course of thirty years, Wertz & Company grew to be one of Orange County’s premier tax accounting firms. Today, Wertz & Company employs over thirty professionals, half of whom are in their fifties, and half of whom are in their twenties and thirties, providing a wealth of both experience and energy to service entrepreneurs at every stage in their business’s growth.

A Next Generation for the Next Generation

Russ matured along with his clients, like many accountants do. But unlike most accountants, who run the business lifecycle with their clients and don’t develop a strong case for succession in their own business, Russ created Wertz & Company to be a legacy company. To serve the next generation of entrepreneurs, Wertz & Company needed its own next generation of leadership. He and his company have found it in Katie Sterling.

Katie has worked in public accounting for eight years. Her experience includes working with closely held businesses and their owners, as well as working with start-up companies from their initial launch through all the various stages of growth. Katie is passionate about the work that Wertz & Company does, and she is committed to taking Wertz & Company into the future right alongside the entrepreneurs they are serving today.

“Katie is the next generation of Wertz & Company for the next generation of Orange County entrepreneurs,” says Russ. “They want their own accountants familiar with the issues of their generation, but they also want the experience, expertise and horsepower of a seasoned professional. That’s Katie. Not only is she now a part-owner at Wertz & Company, we are grooming her to be its next CEO.”
“I truly love what I do,” says Katie. “Working with small businesses and entrepreneurs to solve business issues, simplify processes and plan for the future are the areas I enjoy the most.”

Serving the Needs of the Entrepreneur

So what can Wertz & Company offer the Orange County entrepreneur? Tax preparation and planning, accounting, auditing, management consulting, financial advising, estate planning, and transition planning are the core services offered by Wertz & Company, and they have a whole division dedicated to serving the unique needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses. They call it their Entrepreneurial Services Division.

“While it’s true that some of our clients now have large, mature businesses – they didn’t start that way,” says Katie.

The Wertz & Company Entrepreneurial Services Division (ESD) has the flexibility to work with the unique cash constraints that start-ups face, while building financial and business foundations that can support growth. The ESD suite of services includes accounting system design and implementation, bookkeeping, accounts receivable/accounts payable management, bank reconciliations, preparation of monthly financial statements, periodic reports and analysis, budgeting and projection assistance, cash flow review and planning, cost control analysis, independent contractor compensation reporting (i.e. 1099’s, etc.), tax return preparation, and, perhaps most importantly, business advice and solutions to complex problems.

“Most start-ups and small businesses don’t have internal financial professionals,” says Russ. “Entrepreneurs need a sounding board, someone they can call with questions. They often need advice on the structure of the business; sometimes they need help cleaning up their financials or tax documents; often they need to recruit good accounting personnel, or generally get the right banking, insurance and legal advisors in place. They don’t know what to do or where to go outside of their expertise. We love to help them with all of that. Of a hundred emails I get, seventy to eighty of them aren’t about taxes; they’re about business.”

Fortunately for Orange County-based visionaries, there is Wertz & Company, the accounting firm that thrives on helping entrepreneurs turn their idea-driven ventures into businesses that can boom.

A recent case illustrates how Russ, Katie and their team helped a local company take advantage of their potential.

A high-end baby toy wholesaler came to Wertz & Company in 2013 when they were experiencing exponential growth but didn’t have the resources to manage such rapid growth. On top of that, they were getting no support from their old accountant in terms of what Wertz & Company deems basic accounting services (i.e. tax planning, accounting support, assistance with bankers).

Wertz & Company immediately put together a plan of action to get the accounting services shored up by providing ample accounting support under their Entrepreneurial Services Division service – not just making adjustments, but teaching the client about how to do it better so their financial statements became more meaningful to them. They put a tax plan together to help the client feel at ease about where they actually stood and how much to set aside for taxes; they also provided planning ideas to minimize such taxes where possible. They helped them get more meaningful financial statements to provide their bankers so they could maintain their vital lines of credit and obtain new letters of credit as they continued to expand. More than just providing financials, they engaged with the bankers to make sure their questions were answered and they had what they needed to make faster credit decisions.

On top of all the financial and banking assistance, Wertz & Company rolled its sleeves up and helped manage the growth in a much more physical sense by successfully selecting, interviewing and hiring accounting personnel. Today, that company has expanded their operations overseas as a result of a planned growth strategy centered on a solid operational foundation.

Partners for the Long Term

You might say that passion for the entrepreneurial spirit defines the spirit of Wertz & Company. With its own succession plan in place, an unabated enthusiasm for the work it does, and little to no client or employee turnover, Wertz & Company is here for the long haul, no matter what stage a business is in – whether it is starting up, refining its established operations, or strategizing its growth and expansion as mature companies do.

Wertz & Company services everything from start-ups to $500 million dollar companies, and individuals earning from $150,000 to millions of dollars each year. The only rule?

“We only service nice people,” says Russ. 

Find out how Wertz & Company can help you by visiting or by calling (949) 756-5000.