Jody Robinson

Jody Robinson

There are roughly 33,200,000 results for “dentists in Orange County” on Google: and yet, there are only about 3 million residents of the county.

Far too many choices when it comes to keeping your dental hygiene in order. Better perhaps, to narrow the search. Well-trained, hospitable, effective, remarkable, full-service, healthy: just some of the keywords I’d use to find the best dentist for myself and my family. Shoreline Dental Studio has it all.


Treating the gamut of dental needs, Dr. Kristen Ritzau, DDS and her team have been working in Orange County for the past eight-and-a-half years, serving over 3,500 patients to date. Helping every client achieve their personal dental goals might sound like a feel-good series of SEO keywords, but Dr. Ritzau and her team are very serious when it comes to creating the most holistic, healthy, long-lasting results possible.

From (L):Dr. Luke Facer, Dr. Kristen Ritzau and Dr. Colby Livingston

“I founded the original Shoreline Dental location in San Clemente in December 2012, hoping to focus on preventative care and family dentistry," she says. "Since then, we’ve grown from just myself, my husband, and one dental assistant to a team of almost 30 remarkable employees between our two offices.”


On top of being one of the number one Invisalign providers in Orange County, the team at Shoreline Dental Studio prides themselves on the laundry list of services patients can choose from: total smile makeovers to full mouth reconstruction. Sedation, cosmetics, tooth replacement, oral appliances and more, the burgeoning teams work hard to assess each individual's concerns regarding treatment. During your first visit, you’ll create an effective treatment plan that meets your personal requirements, “even staggering or prioritizing your treatments to give you the smile you need in a timeframe you can afford.”


"It's a friendly, welcoming environment," says patient Rhonda H. "They addressed the issue I had come in for and didn't try to upsell me on any unnecessary treatments ... I actually found a dentist's office that I like!"

Another client, Becca B. echoes Rhonda's statement and adds "Best dental experience ever! Everyone is so sweet, caring, knowledgeable and confident. I was super nervous about going to the dentist after not having gone for awhile, but as soon as I stepped into the studio, I knew I was in good, loving hands and had nothing to worry about."

A third-generation resident of San Clemente, Dr. Ritzau believes what sets Shoreline apart (besides the incredible service, friendly staff, and beautiful offices) is that “there is a good chance our patients are family, friends, past teachers, coaches, or even neighbors of mine. Making decisions about health care is incredibly personal: by understanding this, by working in my hometown, we can create the ultimate patient experience for any single person who comes to our office. Period.”

122 Avenida Cabrillo, San Clemente
(949) 245-6046
26302 La Paz Road, Suite 110, Mission Viejo
(949) 682-3452

There have been a number of interesting developments in the world of fitness within the last decade. I’m not talking about the Shake Weight, however comical that particular invention is. TRX, kettlebells, even the BOSU Ball joined the ranks of handy equipment to keep on hand when the urge to workout strikes. But we didn’t really hit our stride until Orangetheory Fitness came along.

OTF Day 2 PM CF9 2325

A dynamic science-backed, metrics-tracked group workout, Orangetheory is designed to produce results without making impossible goals or burning out and walking away from that new, expensive set of weights you purchased on a whim. The idea is to essentially reach your maximum output for the ideal amount of time during the one-hour class.

Orangetheory Fitness offerings have particular appeal for someone like me who gets bored of the same routine because no two workouts are the same. The format of the class is divided into three sections: cardio, rowing and strength-training in an ever-changing repertoire of classes. Regardless of your fitness ability, the nature of the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) will leave you out of breath - the ultimate aim to reach the “orange zone” which is 84 - 91 percent of your max heart rate for a science-backed range of time. The dynamic mix leads to improved stability, agility and strength.

OTF Day 2 PM CF10 31381

Dusty Dial, owner of three locations in south Orange County, is so convinced you’ll like the group HIIT that after a one-month (12 session minimum) trial, you can still walk away scot free. “If you don’t feel like you’re living a more vibrant, happier, healthier life, then take back all your money and walk away.”

A unique offering, to be sure. But an offering Dusty couldn’t turn down when his friend began to develop the Orangetheory Fitness in 2012 and invited him to come along for the ride that would evolve into an international fitness phenomenon.

“The hardest part of our workouts is showing up - because after that we make it simple for you to push yourself, be your personal best, and give you more.” Results. Confidence. Life. “Because you shouldn’t live to exercise. You should exercise to live.”

logo orange teory

San Clemente
802 Avenida Pico
(949) 485-4885

Rancho Santa Margarita
22401 Antonio Parkway, D200
(949) 424-8884

Foothill Ranch
27481 Portola Parkway
(949) 899-8181

My husband and I like to joke that we run an after-hours speakeasy out of our home. When the kids are finally asleep for the night and the dishes are all done, we bust out the fancy cheese and crackers, open a bottle of wine, and unfurl the tin foil around a decadent bar of dark chocolate. Of course, we have to hide the evidence from prying eyes, so in the morning we don’t have to answer questions about the chocolate wrapper, wine cork, or ice cream scoop. We laughed at each other the other day while cleaning up the evidence of our adults-only snacktime when we agreed that the best gift we could give each other was a night in a hotel room, so there weren’t any dishes to do, and plenty of activities during the day to keep our ourselves - and our offspring - entertained.

Catamaran Resort Lobby

San Diego’s Mission Bay happens to be the answer to our gift-giving conundrum, as well as the speakeasy solve: a close-to-home, family friendly travel destination that happens to have everything we need for a getaway after the last chaotic year and a half. Classically beautiful weather year round makes San Diego one of the country’s most desirable vacation destinations, and with its proximity to Orange County and LA, a quick drive down the coast is as easy as can be. The man-made saltwater bay was created from more than 2,000 acres of wetlands and marshes, and boasts activities ranging like theme parks like Seaworld and an old fashioned roller coaster at Belmont Park to water activities.

Catamaran Resort aerial North Lawn and beach

Mission Bay’s Catamaran Resort is perched in popular "PB" - what the locals call Pacific Beach, and with gorgeous rooms facing out to the Bay, or over the glittering Pacific, every accommodation offers a beautiful view. Over 1,000 tropical trees and plants adorn the property, making it a proper urban jungle hideaway: koi ponds included. The resort's tropical vibe artfully blends with the Aloha spirit where each of the property’s 310 luxurious suites, studios and hotel rooms feature a private balcony or patio with breathtaking views of Mission Bay, the Pacific Beach neighborhood and coastline, or the property’s lush tropical gardens.

Catamaran Resort guestroom

A Polynesian-themed resort wouldn’t be complete without the aforementioned robust list of water based activities, and the Catamaran certainly comes through. If Mom or Dad are feeling the fitness center or on-site spa, options include facials and massages, marine and botanical-based products to take home and luxuriate in, or a full range of state-of-the-art exercise equipment to fuel your day. Various watersports abound on property, with the waters of the bay beckoning beyond (think boat rentals, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding and more via located right at the resort's water's edge). Prefer land activiites? One of the best ways in which to enjoy San Diego's premier land and sea resort destination? Simply basking bayside in a covered lounge.

Catamaran Resort beach chair

Our family opted for a lovely, leisurely late afternoon tooling around the bay aboard a pair of funcats - chaise-lounge style electric catamaran boats, followed by an equally equisite dining experience at the resort's signature restaurant, Oceana Coastal Kitchen. There was something for every palate on the menu - abundant seafood selections for me, beef and chicken entrees for my meat-and-potatoes husband and a variety of kid-friendly faves including delicious flatbreads - the sweet fennel sausage and classic pepperoni was a big hit!

CAT Pool 2021

A beach concierge can set the family up with umbrellas, towels, and chairs, or simply spend the day poolside: surrounded by the resort’s towering palm trees. The best part about all of it being (of course) that you don’t have to hide the candy wrappers at the end of the night, because the whole family gets to escape at the same time.

Catamaran Resort Hotel
3999 Mission Blvd.
San Diego
(858) 488-1081

Committed to Exceptional Care

All throughout my youth, I wondered why people didn’t like going to the dentist. That all changed when I moved away from home to go to college, and had to find a new dentist for the first time. That experience opened my eyes to how intimate dentistry is and how vulnerable you feel if you are not comfortable in the dental office.

Your smile/mouth is the first thing people notice when they speak to you. Finding someone you trust to take care of your dental hygiene is imperative to enjoying the confidence a beautiful smile gives you. Ivan Ho, DDS is one of those select few dentists you can trust. From the moment you meet him, you are immediately touched by his warm nature and empathy.

Dr. Ho has been caring for patients for over twenty years and has won numerous awards and reviews that focus not only on his excellency within dentistry, but also the warmth with which he treats his patients - as welcome guests and friends.

As a University of Southern California School of Dentistry graduate and an award winning board certified dentist, Dr. Ho lectures nationally and internationally about both cosmetic and implant dentistry. His expertise and warm demeanor have earned him the respect and trust of both colleagues and patients.

“As a doctor myself, extensive knowledge and expertise is important,” says Patient Steve H., MD. “Dr Ho is truly an expert!”

Angela P., a local school teacher, echoes the sentiment and adds: “I’ve been searching for a dentist with honesty and compassion, I found Dr Ho through a co-worker and refer all my friends and family to him.”

Dr. Ho has had more than his fair share of time in the dental chair as a patient. This has given him the unique perspective of both a professional and a patient.

“I had extra teeth and gum issues that required multiple gum and oral surgeries from my childhood all through my adolescence,” says Dr. Ho. “Despite the many and varied procedures I went through, I was fortunate enough to see wonderful providers and I was extremely grateful for the care they gave me. The experience of rectifying my own oral health led me to pursue dentistry. I wanted to give back to a profession that changed my life.”

In 1992, Dr. Ho started his practice in Laguna Hills and added a second office in Rancho Santa Margarita and with great dedication and hard work, cared for residents of both cities.

“As my children started to grow up, I realized that I wanted to spend more time with them while I could,” he says. “So I sold my Laguna Hills location and focused on RSM, which is where I lived. I recently relocated back to Laguna Hills as now my children have grown, but my parents need a little more attention. They reside in Laguna Woods Village.”

Dr. Ho has been enjoying his return to Laguna Hills and being able to care for patients that got him started twenty-plus years ago.

“It is not just fillings, crowns, implants, cosmetic dentistry or cleanings: it’s ‘beyond the nuances’ dentistry. Your oral health plays a very important role in your overall health and your ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like eating good food.

“After all, your smile is an indication of what is within.” Dr. Ho says with an engaging smile of his own.

Ho 123 Edit 2Ivan Ho, DDS
Pro Smiles OC
24953 Paseo de Valencia, Suite 6C
Laguna Hills
(949) 880-6638

Aug 27, 2021

Doheny bike

The Fastest Growing E-Bike Company in Dana Point

You might be surprised to learn what the country’s fastest growing industry is and it’s not RV sales, in spite of a year of lockdown. But the demand to get on the road is certainly fueling the drive toward recreational activities in North America, and e-bikes are running away with the market.

Fueled by demand from both Canada and the U.S., e-bikes are looking at an annual growth rate of close to 11% over the next few years, marching right along with a booming housing market and burgeoning infrastructure development. Targeting not only recent retirees, but enthusiasts of all ages looking to stay active, get outside or simply prefer to tool around town on an E-bike - the evolved and infinitely more exciting electric iteration of the traditional two-wheeler.

IMG 1342While E-bike purveyors are seemingly on every corner, few have experienced the explosion in interest and growth locally like Doheny Bike - the fastest growing E-bike company in Dana Point.

This is perhaps due in large measure to the popularity, versatility, utility and affordability of the company’s Fold N’ Go collection - available in a array of colors and profiles. But undoubtedly in equal measure is the mission of its co-owners - Jason Spates and Micah Meiring - to “give back to the community.”

Aqua 629C white wallDoheny itself boasts a robust outdoor history. Killer Dana, the aptly named freight-train-thick swell brought in surfers and developers alike. Hoping to keep the community close to the land and sea that brought it prosperity originally seemed logical for Jason, Micah and their team, working with the City of Dana Point recently to hand out 75 complimentary helmets, scooters, and skateboards. “Dana Point is an amazing community, and we want to help more kids enjoy it safely.

Doheny Bike is donating a Doheny EZ Folding bike to Pet Project’s biggest fundraiser of the year on September 19th called Pet Project Foundation: Roaring for Rescues! Proceeds will benefit the animals at the San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter.

“It should be fun, but we’re also thinking beyond fun to community, individual expression and the ability to remain mobile.”

“We recognized the opportunity to give back, to contribute to our com- munity that shaped our childhood, and it felt natural to encourage mo- bility and personal freedom when the pandemic had taken so much of it away.” Jason and Micah are a couple of local Dana Point dads, lucky enough to have lived near the world-famous Doheny Beach surf spot their entire lives. “Our freedom was nearly unlimited as kids in the 1970’s and 80’s - we wanted our own kids to be as mobile as we were.”

HTB1TwpWXRr0gK0jSZFnq6zRRXXaYThe idea of access and freedom have long been associated with the bi- cycle, and Doheny Bike believes in sending its patrons out on adventures to places unknown, where they might not have ventured before. They set out to provide an affordable solution for everyday mobility.

“With the average buyer’s budget in mind, we wanted a functional riding experience that is not trendy, awkward and limited to your hometown,” says Micah. “Creating the agility of the Fold N’ Go anywhere design, we have provided a solution to buyers that want to travel in a smaller car with electric bikes and ultimately extend their outdoor adventures.”

As parents, Jason and Micah stress the importance of safety, and encourage all riders to be over 16, along with the importance of sizing the bike out, wearing a helmet, and meeting minimum requirements to ride the bikes safely on the road.

“It should be fun, but we’re also thinking beyond fun, to community, individual expression, and the ability to remain mobile.” On a single charge, you can ride up to 50 miles. Put a basket on the back and you’re ready for the store or farmer’s market. “I wanted something better than traffic in my car and I just knew that the options I had to help my community needed to be affordable and reliable.”

With a background in commercial truck leasing and loans, and an early pandemic ride on his nephew’s electric scooter, genius was born. “There’s something about being out in the fresh air that made a great start to the day.” The recent cycling boom couldn’t agree more.

Doheny Bike
34163 Pacific Coast Hwy. #100
Dana Point
(949) 427-3305

Orange County’s premier resort-style gym

I was chatting with a friend the other day about gyms. He was bemoaning the era of headphones: AirPods, Beats, you name it. I laughed at first because it seemed like such a funny complaint: I don’t like gyms because people wear headphones. But then it dawned on me as he continued to talk, that he was really referring to the missed sense of community he used to get when he went to the gym. Or, as he calls it still - the club. The Club isn’t gone, however. Not by a long shot. That place you could go to achieve your fitness goals or simply be well among a group of other like-minded folks? It still exists, in Aliso Viejo at ClubSport - Orange County’s premier fitness resort-style gym where “you’re more than a member, you’re a member of our family.” And the experience here is even more amazing than ever.

Basketball GymBasketball GymGroup fitness classes similar to the ones you may enjoy at boutique studios can be found at ClubSport Aliso Viejo with over 70 weekly instructor-guided class options such as boxing, cycling, Pilates, yoga, Zumba, barre, aquatics, and the increasingly popular HIIT workouts using water rowers, striders, and strength-training equipment. And don’t forget the wide range of court sports including racquetball, squash, and basketball.

YOGA 536906773Relaxation more your speed for the day? Book a massage or facial treatment at the luxurious R Spa - which is also partnered with the Rejuvenation Room offering IV vitamin therapies and vitamin injections. A full-service restaurant, the vibrant Citrus Fresh Grill & Market serves up “naturally delicious” new world cuisine, snacks, and smoothies for dine-in or takeout crafted from real, wholesome ingredients sourced locally. And the piece de resistance (at least for parents in the small-children-at-home phase of life)? Kids World. And yes, it is just as awesome as it sounds. This “club within a club” is a place specially designed for children from infants to pre-teens with an array of age-specific activities, amenities, fitness, and entertainment. The club’s unique video camera coverage allows parents to “check-in” on their youngsters from monitors conveniently located throughout the club.

Fitness Floor 1If you have no idea where to begin when it comes to your fitness and nutrition goals, ClubSport Aliso Viejo has that covered, too! There is a wide range of options for personal training, an immersive 8-week weight loss program called Rev32, nutritious take-home meals, and accessible advice from on-site professionals that make it easy to stay accountable to yourself.

Citrus Fresh Grill Market LunchThere is literally something for everyone. Whether it be relaxation or rejuvenation you’re looking for, or to get super sweaty alongside your Boot Camp compadres, the Club hasn’t actually gone anywhere. It’s simply gotten better. As for the Air-Pods? You can take ‘em or leave ‘em.

ClubSport Aliso Viejo
50 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo
(949) 427-4223

The San Diego Zoo has been a family favorite since our kids were still in strollers.

Until earlier this month, our last visit had been pre-pandemic so we were eager to see how much had changed - and stayed the same since our last day trip trekking amongst the many natural enclosures that are home to over 12,000 rare and endangered animals representing more than 650 species and subspecies from around the world.

T20 0239 046

Located just north of downtown San Diego in Balboa Park, the world-famous 100-acre wildlife park is also an accredited botanical garden, caring for more than 700,000 individual plants, including a prominent accredited collection of close to 13,000 specimens, representing 3,100 species.


Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks has transformed 8 acres of the Zoo into six habitats that spotlight the amazing biodiversity found on the African continent, ranging from savanna to shore. Africa Rocks’ gently winding, ADA-accessible pathway leads guests through different types of African habitats — Including Cape Fynbos, with African penguins; West African forest, with African dwarf crocodiles; Acacia Woodland, with African birds, leopards and vervet monkeys; Ethiopian Highlands, with hamadryas baboons, geladas and Nubian ibex; Kopje, with dwarf mongooses, bateleur eagles, servals, meerkats, klipspringers and rock hyrax; and Madagascar Forest, with fossas, honey badgers, lemurs and Coquerel’s sifakas.

T18 0195 020.Monkey


A pioneer in building "cageless" exhibits, Dr. Harry M. Wegeforth founded the Zoological Society of San Diego in 1916. The impetus and his inspiration for The San Diego Zoo? Dr. Wegeforth heard a lion roaring from its tiny cage when it and other animals were abandoned after a 1915 expedition. Today, over 100 years later, the San Diego Zoo’s work extends way beyond the zoo itself (and San Diego Zoo Safari Park)

T12 0281 014

Whether you're visiting for the first time or make this coastal city a frequent weekend destination, the San Diego Zoo is an absolutely treat for all ages. It's a wonderful educational opportunity and a refreshing excursion to get a little closer to nature.

San Diego Zoo
2920 Zoo Drive
San Diego

Fifteen months is a long time. Enough to grow a backyard garden, and master a sourdough recipe. Enough time for an entire pregnancy and six months of infancy on top of it. Enough time to master a couple recipes, and then get really sick of making the same couple things over and over again. Enough to get really excited for restaurants to open up again, and get a table at your favorite dining destination that is finally back to business.

South Orange County is brimming with energy. Weeks past the summer solstice, the days are long, warm, and bright: perfect for grabbing an early morning coffee down by the beach, a quick fish taco for lunch, or an evening out to indulge in exceptional culinary creations and craft cocktails with friends you haven’t seen in months.


That was the theme of a recent evening out when my husband and I joined another couple for dinner at Hendrix - a popular neighborhood restaurant in Laguna Niguel’s Ocean Ranch that offers a menu of New American cuisine, assimilating the flavors from the melting pot of traditional American cooking techniques. Already fans of Executive Chef Ranier Schwarz’ offerings, our foodie friends were anxious to sample his newest seasonal dishes showcasing summer’s most vibrant ingredients - much of which is sourced from local and regional farms.

We did our best to work out way through the menu and each dish more than delivered on its promise of ocean-to-table freshness and flavor. My personal favorite? The melt-in-your-mouth pan-seared Diver Scallops with bold Moraccan salsa. I also discovered a truly inventive starter in the creamy Avocado hummus, for which the accompanying fried pita chips were merely a delivery device - I would happily eat this by the spoonful.

IMG 1185 1

The BBQ Octopus tacos enhanced with pineapple salsa, pickled fresno chiles and lemon creme fraiche and the Duck Confit Salad with beautiful green and yellow wax beans were a table fave.

Among the menu’s more protein-forward options include the Braised Kurobuta Pork Short Ribs and the Prime Rib Dinner for Two. Perfect for those who can’t decide, the Roti Platter arrives with mouth-watering rotisserie chicken, leg of lamb and prime rib served with Weiser Farms “drip” potatoes and au jus.

Not that we had any business ordering dessert after such copious consumption, but the Sticky Toffee Cake with vanilla whip cream and the Valrhona chocolate mousse tart with salted caramel sauce and fresh raspberries were both worth writing home about.

32431 Golden Lantern
Located at the corner of
Del Avion and Golden Lantern
in the Ocean Ranch Village
Laguna Niguel
(949) 248-1912

Insurance for All with Jonathan Bayani
GEICO Laguna Niguel

There are very few things that throw people off balance more easily than an accident. Be it at home, in the car, or on the water, an accident can ruin a day, a week, or even a year for the uninsured. For the last 85 years, your safety and that of your family has been GEICO’s ultimate priority, and for Agency Owner Jonathan Bayani and his team of licensed agents at the GEICO local office in Laguna Niguel, carrying that mission on is about much more than offering competitive rates.

Bayani and his team strive to serve South OC residents with elite and tailored customer service curated over the last twenty years in the auto and insurance industries. Customers can purchase car insurance, as well as coverage for renters, condos, RV’s, boats, and commercial vehicles. Identity protection, jewelry, and homeowners are also among the list of offerings GEICO boasts: a far cry from the original single policy auto coverage GEICO founders Leo and Lillian Goodwin offered clients in 1936 when they first opened their doors.

“As the father of three children, looking after the wellbeing of my family is top priority,’ says Bayani. “Insurance is integral to every industry and after serving the San Diego Padres and seeing how closely knit the players and their families are to their individual coverage, I wanted to bring what I learned to everyday folks in my own community.”

A bilingual team of agents, the office in Laguna Niguel will look to bring savings to each client that walks through their doors. “We have special association and alumni discounts for graduates of UCLA, SDSU, UCI, CUSF, CSULB, USC and other local schools.” Active duty military serving at Camp Pendleton may also qualify for GEICO’s military discount.

Accidents or incidents can derail even the best laid plans, but they don’t have to. GEICO has been proving that for 85 years, and Jonathan and his team are here to back you up for those to come.

Local Office
Laguna Niguel
27261 La Paz Road, Suite J
Laguna Niguel
(949) 268-6740

Family-Friendly Fun on the Bay

My husband and I were talking recently about the possibility of once again coordinating family travel in the not-too-distant future. The past year and a half has been one full of cancelled plans, rerouting expectations, and daydreaming about when things open back up. But the real kicker of the conversation was the silver lining - the discovery that we haven’t actually had to go far from home to find some incredible vacation destinations.

1200x800 beach cabanas dusk

With a short leash like we had over the last fifteen months, there was at first an immense creative pressure in order to keep ourselves entertained, in addition to our two kids. But the magic of stay-cationing meant that we didn’t have to spend an inordinate amount of time in the car on the road, or paying exorbitant fees for parking at this tourist trap or another. There are a remarkable amount of places to go across Orange County and the greater Southern California region. And, marked by gorgeous weather and long summer days, San Diego tops the list.
Positioned on a sparkling stretch of private beach in San Diego’s Mission Bay, the Bahia Resort Hotel is only an hour drive from Orange County, easily accessible and amenity rich - a perfect prescription for the current times.

Cafe Bahia overivew

Guests enjoy easy access to the beach with rooms and suites literally steps away from the sand. All accommodations feature relaxing views of either Mission Bay or the property’s lush private gardens and ground floor accommodations come with a private patio. The resort’s suites offer not only more space with separate bedroom and separate living room area, but some also include a kitchen with stove/oven, microwave, mini-fridge and sink for a convenient dining option during your stay.

Bahia 1772

For our part, we opted for a little of both - stocking the mini-fridge with drinks and munchies to keep the kids hydrated and nourished between activities and stepping out to dine al fresco on the spacious patio at Cafe Bahia. Only the freshest ingredients, locally sourced, make the menu. Including all of the traditional breakfast favorites and delectable dishes of eclectic American fare for lunch or dinner. Our family are particularly eclectic eaters: My husband, Tim, is a strictly meat-and-potatoes man; I love all things seafood; our son loves burgers and fries and our daughter still prefers classic kids’ favorites like Mac n’ Cheese and chicken tenders.

The menu here offered something for everyone. The Braised Short Rib was delicious, paired with taleggio roasted corn grits, cumin carrots, red wine demi, pearl onions and balsamic glaze and I thoroughly enjoyed the flavors and textures of the seared salmon entree - roasted tomato vinaigrette, accompanied by a quinoa primavera cake, baby mache and dried cranberries.

Outdoor Endeavors

Bahia 4049San Diego is one of Southern California’s most activity-full cities itself, and the Bahia certainly takes advantage. The gorgeous year-round weather lends itself to tennis, taking a dip in their Olympic swimming pool, lounging in a cabana on the private beach, stand up paddleboarding, afternoon bike rides, boat rentals for a scenic spin around the bay or simply using the resort as a jumping off point for any one of the city’s numerous activities: from family-friendly Legoland to the world famous San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Tucked away in its own peninsula on the Bay, the resort is a tropical vacation without the plane ride to get there.

Right on property, San Diego’s premier land and water sports rental company - Action Sport Rentals ( - endeavors to meet the needs of all aquatic enthusiasts - for active options, rent a single or tandem kayak, stand up paddleboard, pedal board rental or body board rental. If you prefer a leisurely watercraft, Action Sport Rentals offers sailboats, fishing boats or pontoon rentals. For those who have a need for speed, guests can rent jet skis or a powerboat. We spent the entire day outdoors - starting with a spin around the bay aboard a 20’ Hurricane Deckboat. The powerboat we chose is a fast, fun craft that’s also a super comfortable ride for up to 10 passengers - while boaters stay within the bay, our experience alternated between a leisurely cruise in the channels and an exhilarating ride at speeds topping 40 mph. We worked off lunch with a bike ride around Mission Bay and ended the day curled up on the patio’s lounge chairs to enjoy the picturesque views.

studio bayview king

Home to all of California’s iconic palms, amazing annuals, and even a rescue seal and duck pond, you don’t have to step far away from your room to stroll the sand at sunset or sip your favorite drink du jour from Tangier Bar’s delicious list of offerings. No wonder TripAdvisor named it a Best Value Hotel. Don’t believe me? Take your own trip to the bay.


998 W. Mission Bay Drive
San Diego
(858) 488-0551