Confidence in Competence

Confidence in Competence

Taking Care of the Skin You’re In with Dr. William James Tidwell, Golden Coast Dermatology, Skin Cancer and Vein Center

There are at least 19 popular “skin” related sayings. “Thick-skinned,” “by the skin of one’s teeth,” “no skin off my back.” The list goes on far longer than you’d think, especially considering how easily most people forget about their skin entirely. We carry around a bottle of expired sunscreen, or none at all. We get a new mole or freckle and think nothing of it. We worry about our developing wrinkles in front of the mirror and then walk right out the front door without a second thought. Yet there is an entire practice of medicine dedicated to treating your skin like the hero it is.

Dr. William James Tidwell, M.D. has made it his focus in the last decade to ensure that his patients receive top quality treatment by the best, most professional team around for their dermatology, skin cancer and vein care needs.

“My vision was to create a practice people looked forward to coming to,” says Dr. Tidwell. "Our newly renovated, modern office space is the realization of that vision, and the fulfillment of a long-time passion of mine that caused me to apply for medical school in the first place so many years ago.”

Taking care of the whole body means restoring his patient’s full health - no small task when you’re starting from the outside in. Yet being fellowship trained in both Mohs Micrographic Surgery and endovenous procedures, and dual Board Certified in Dermatology and Venous and Lymphatic Medicine certainly helps. What that translates to in layman’s terms is that Dr. Tidwell completed an additional training program after his dermatology residency - learning from the best physicians worldwide "how to cure cancer and leave only minimal evidence it was ever there. Using a microscope, we completely remove all the cancer in one treatment so you leave knowing that you are cancer free that day. No other method does that. It also saves more healthy tissue than any other option treating skin cancer."

Though the core of the practice is providing skin cancer screening and treatments, Dr. Tidwell and his team also use advanced procedures to treat painful and swollen varicose veins.

“Many people struggle with painful legs, swollen veins, cramps or restless legs at night which patients might not realize can be a result of venous insufficiency and circulation problems,” he says. “You don’t have to suffer with this any longer and insurance covers vein treatment when they meet medical criteria. We can help resolve this to get your sleep and shorts back."

Modern vein care, like the Mohs treatment, is minimally invasive, and requires virtually no downtime. Instead of taking days to find out results or lay up in bed after surgery, Dr. Tidwell’s patients can see the results in less than an hour.

“I really try to spend time talking to my patients about what their desired outcomes are - be it dealing neatly with cancer on the nose, lip, or eyelid, looking at diseased veins, or putting together a personalized, customized treatment plan for cosmetic procedures,” he says. Advances in medicine have made it possible to achieve holistic and rejuvenating outcomes. “Seeing where the issues are, restoring healthy blood flow, or reducing the risks of general anesthesia by having skin cancers removed in the office instead of on the operating table makes it possible for patients to experience an office visit where health and wellbeing are first.”

Billy Travis and Naomi Miller are just two of Dr. Tidwell’s many patients who took the time to write glowing recommendations about his skill, attitude and approach in addressing their specific medical needs.

“I have to say I generally don’t do the review thing BUT, Dr. Tidwell definitely deserves this review. He has such a positive attitude and genuinely cares about his patents,” says Billy Travis. "He does an incredible job. He takes time with his patients and answers all questions completely. No one likes going to the doctor, but please take the time and schedule an appointment with him. Skin cancer is not to be taken lightly. Thanks to Dr. Tidwell, I am cancer free. You can’t even see the scar from the 2-inch long incision! Thank you Dr. Tidwell, I will be coming back yearly for a checkup.”

Naomi Miller echoes Billy’s assessment and adds “… Dr. Tidwell has a professional manner and takes great pride in this work. But his peaceful and calming demeanor sets him in a class of his own …If you have a need for a dermatologist, I can highly recommend Dr. Tidwell and his staff, based on my real experience.”

While Dr. Tidwell doesn’t want skin to be your number one pressing question each day, he’d prefer it if you paid him a visit at least once a year: that way, when you walk out your front door, you do so with a confirmed sense of confidence in your own skin. And if there is a cosmetic treatment you might be interested in or wanting to know more about, Dr. Tidwell and his team are happy to advise you because “aging gracefully and feeling confident are wonderful things. I don’t believe in overhyped marketing or unnatural results. Just the right treatment, for the right person, in the right amount to make them happy."

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