Sunshine over South Coast Window Tinting

Sunshine over South Coast Window Tinting

On average, California gets 284 days of sunshine per year. To an outsider, that might mean endless days on the beach. (To be clear, it could mean that exact thing.) For Jeremy Griffin, founder of South Coast Window Tinting, sunshine was the perfect niche product on the market.

What one might not consider when it comes to 284 days of sunshine a year, however, are the overall costs that run up because of the persistent solar radiation. A Southern California native, Jeremy grew up in Redondo Beach, and was exposed early to the tinting industry, getting his start in commercial window film with Blue Sky Window Tinting. During his tenure there, he learned how to manage large projects, and eventually let his experience and the persistent call of opportunity lead him to calling to Oahu, Hawaii home for a decade. There, he crafted Aloha Glass Tinting, providing excellence for his customers on the island, and reaping the benefits out surfing big waves.

20191119 134552Building relationships with property managers, building engineers, small business owners, and now individuals with tinting needs has been Jeremy’s work life for the last 20+ years. But he’ll be the first to say that his appreciation for quality, timely work wouldn’t exist without a healthy understanding of the sunshine that delivers demand for his products. As such, playing hard outdoors comes just as naturally for the crew of South Coast Window Tinting, and informs each decision made inside to reduce energy costs, ensure your heat or A/C runs less frequently, and shrink your carbon footprint.

Established in San Clemente, tinting has brought Jeremy and his family back to the California coast, where they look forward to building a reputation atop the core values of honesty, integrity, excellence and quality: from pricing to product.

“We used South Coast Window Tinting to tint some windows in our house,” says Ryan H. on Yelp. “Jeremy was a true pro from the start. The measurements, estimates and installation were all very quick and easy. Very fair price and excellent service. Would highly recommend and definitely use again.”

As the exclusive Orange County 3M authorized window tinging installer, Jeremy and his team cover all residential, commercial and automotive projects. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays, your shop front from graffiti, and boost your optical clarity on the road. Operating with values at the center of the business is no easy feat, but South Coast Window Tinting will only recommend a solution that is specific to their client’s problem at the best possible price on the market.

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