From (L):Dr. Luke Facer, Dr. Kristen Ritzau and Dr. Colby Livingston From (L):Dr. Luke Facer, Dr. Kristen Ritzau and Dr. Colby Livingston

Searching for Shoreline. An Ocean of Superior Dental Care along the California Coast

There are roughly 33,200,000 results for “dentists in Orange County” on Google: and yet, there are only about 3 million residents of the county.

Far too many choices when it comes to keeping your dental hygiene in order. Better perhaps, to narrow the search. Well-trained, hospitable, effective, remarkable, full-service, healthy: just some of the keywords I’d use to find the best dentist for myself and my family. Shoreline Dental Studio has it all.


Treating the gamut of dental needs, Dr. Kristen Ritzau, DDS and her team have been working in Orange County for the past eight-and-a-half years, serving over 3,500 patients to date. Helping every client achieve their personal dental goals might sound like a feel-good series of SEO keywords, but Dr. Ritzau and her team are very serious when it comes to creating the most holistic, healthy, long-lasting results possible.

From (L):Dr. Luke Facer, Dr. Kristen Ritzau and Dr. Colby Livingston

“I founded the original Shoreline Dental location in San Clemente in December 2012, hoping to focus on preventative care and family dentistry," she says. "Since then, we’ve grown from just myself, my husband, and one dental assistant to a team of almost 30 remarkable employees between our two offices.”


On top of being one of the number one Invisalign providers in Orange County, the team at Shoreline Dental Studio prides themselves on the laundry list of services patients can choose from: total smile makeovers to full mouth reconstruction. Sedation, cosmetics, tooth replacement, oral appliances and more, the burgeoning teams work hard to assess each individual's concerns regarding treatment. During your first visit, you’ll create an effective treatment plan that meets your personal requirements, “even staggering or prioritizing your treatments to give you the smile you need in a timeframe you can afford.”


"It's a friendly, welcoming environment," says patient Rhonda H. "They addressed the issue I had come in for and didn't try to upsell me on any unnecessary treatments ... I actually found a dentist's office that I like!"

Another client, Becca B. echoes Rhonda's statement and adds "Best dental experience ever! Everyone is so sweet, caring, knowledgeable and confident. I was super nervous about going to the dentist after not having gone for awhile, but as soon as I stepped into the studio, I knew I was in good, loving hands and had nothing to worry about."

A third-generation resident of San Clemente, Dr. Ritzau believes what sets Shoreline apart (besides the incredible service, friendly staff, and beautiful offices) is that “there is a good chance our patients are family, friends, past teachers, coaches, or even neighbors of mine. Making decisions about health care is incredibly personal: by understanding this, by working in my hometown, we can create the ultimate patient experience for any single person who comes to our office. Period.”

122 Avenida Cabrillo, San Clemente
(949) 245-6046
26302 La Paz Road, Suite 110, Mission Viejo
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