PJ Harlow. Surround Yourself in Softness

PJ Harlow. Surround Yourself in Softness

Mar 30, 2021

I have tried to stop using the word literally over the past few years, especially in contexts when I may simply be using it to exaggerate or emphasize a strong feeling I have about something.

I found myself throwing it in excess of a few times per day, and was having trouble finding circumstances when the subject matter actually lined up with the phrase in its true grammatical sense. That being said, you might find it difficult to believe me when I say I’ve literally found the most comfortable lounge wear on the market, due to my self-proclaimed penchant for naming my strong feelings a bit too, well, strongly. But all you have to do is a quick Google search for PJ Harlow, and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.PJH

The US-based brand has recently found favor in such publications as Fast Company and NY Mag due to their exceptionally comfortable, sensationally soft, washer-friendly/dryer safe lounge pants, nightgowns, pillowcases, and more. If 2020 brought us nothing else, it was the sense that loungewear’s emerging as a bedroom (and everywhere else in the house) staple can no longer be overlooked. Designed for women by a woman, the collection is based in California, and invites you to “take a minute, relax, and feel fabulous.”


Showcasing gorgeous colors, knits, and silky soft satin, the fabrics work together to create what PJ founder, designer, and owner Tina McMillen calls “body harmony.” Promising the ultimate experience in soft dressing, the pieces can be taken from the bedroom to your morning Zoom call in no time. The entire collection flatters every silhouette, and pampers you as you put it on. Be it a spa day or just an extra few minutes before jumping in the shower, every time you put on your matching set you'll feel more relaxed, more comfortable, and more in your own body than you've ever been before. And now, with curbside pickup available at PJ Harlow’s retail location in San Clemente, you’re that much closer to comfort. Literally.

PJ Harlow
154 Avenida Del Mar | San Clemente
(949) 652-1232 | PJHarlow.com