Oceanside Design in Mind with  Jeddy’s Interiors

Oceanside Design in Mind with Jeddy’s Interiors

Time is interesting. If I were to outline, for example, that it has been 40 years since 1980, you might balk in shock at the number. 40 years? Already? Yet, if I were to tell you that the local business you’re looking at to reupholster your boat, or provide some custom drapings for your window treatments has been around for over 23 years, you’d probably feel pretty secure. Somewhere between those two reactions, lies Jeddy’s Interiors.

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Gerald “Jeddy” Moskowitz and his family, having been in business for the last 40 years, 23 of those spent in Dana Point, knows both feelings well. Amazement at having been a fixture in the drapery and upholstery world so long, and security, knowing that their family-run, multigenerational business serves their customers unbelievably well.

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After moving from the East Coast, Jeddy and his wife Marilyn settled in Palm Springs with their two young daughters. Quite the transition, and not one made lightly. They opened a small business, built off the back of Jeddy’s long apprenticeship with a fantastic draper back in Connecticut. Expanding to offer flooring and carpeting, as well as draping and custom upholstery, the family has been serving homes and business for four decades. Two of them, most recently in one of the most gorgeous, idyllic California coastal towns you can find, saw an expansion to yachts and boats all kinds. Perking up the appearance as well as the overall functionality of any room the family touches, it was a natural transition to move from Palm Springs to Dana Point, and expand their business oceanside.

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“My love of boating might have played into the decision as well, “ says Jeddy. “Having owned a boat for 30 years, my love of the activity naturally carried over to my client’s boats.”

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Designing the boat in the first place is an incredible labor of love - and requires an inordinate amount of skilled craftsmanship. Jeddy and his associates boast an unmatched attention to detail: one that comes only from their upholsters, drapers, and technicians longevity in the business.

“Most of our employees have been with us for over 15 years,” he says. “Since our main objective is just making the customer happy, making them look at their flooring or draping design with pride, no job is too big or too small.”

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Repairs, design jobs - from beginning to end, all of Jeddy’s associates are experts at what they do. Knowing every type of upholstery and having the skill set to build custom furniture ensures each project receives the utmost care and precision.

“We’ll take the proper time for whatever job you hand us: whatever it takes to ensure we’re around for another 40 years.”

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