California Silk Plant Co. Bringing the Beauty  of Nature Inside

California Silk Plant Co. Bringing the Beauty of Nature Inside

Things change. It’s inevitable. But some things simply evolve from good to great. Better to best. It can be hard to find a business that weathers change in such a way, especially through recessions, divestments, and change in leadership. California Silk Plant Company is just such a business. Founded in the mid 1980’s, it has since seen a few different storefronts. Settled now in its present location on La Paz Road in Laguna Niguel, the business profits from its membership in the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce, especially through the recent upheaval from COVID-19 and its fallout. But from the very beginning, its emphasis has been on providing topline quality: both in their product offerings and their customer service. After all, as Co-owner Mattie Seiwert says, “only happy customers come back.”

Residential 8 ft Fiddle Leaf Fig CA Silk

California Silk Plant Co. offers only the finest, most natural and lifelike artificial replica trees, botanicals, floral arrangements and unique accessories for the most elegant and admired upscale home and commercial interiors. An unmatched design team offers creative design assistance or customized products as needed for stunning results in virtually every design concept imaginable - from Coastal Living, Tropical, Asian or Desert Living to Contemporary/Urban, Mediterranean/Spanish and more. And the company also works closely with designers and their clients.

Web 2015 RES21 Kitchen Island CenterpieceBut beyond the physical product however, is the intangible and invaluable aspect to California Silk’s continued success over the years: customer connection.

“Our people have been with the company since the beginning, or close to it, and are true artisans,” says Mattie. “Known for their creativity, they do everything from residential and office renovations to major showroom displays for suppliers throughout the world.”

Mattie and her husband Joe aren’t strangers to hard work. After corporate careers (Mattie in Aerospace Facilities Management and Joe in the Chemical and Environmental Control industries), they sought to find a new endeavor that would capitalize on Mattie’s degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design coupled with Joe’s engineering background and Midwestern work ethic. Both proved invaluable when the pair landed at the crux of plant-based landscaping and design.

Web 2015 SG37 Succulents in Ceramic Boat“We didn’t want to just retire and sit in front of the television all day,” says Joe. “A smaller, niche market was the ticket, and when the opportunity came along in 2005 to acquire ownership of California Silk Plant Co. from its original (and very successful!) founders, we jumped at it.”

On a personal level, owning and operating California Silk Plant Co. is both an escape and an opportunity. “Unique days and the opportunity to create in a family atmosphere” as a couple are among the ways in which the Seiwerts keep the work interesting. So it isn’t a surprise that the fun and creativity haven’t stopped in the last fifteen years. Needless to say, knowing that their orchids, palms, fiddle-leaf figs and other trees, succulents, and more bring everyday happiness to their clients also helps drive their success. It’s no small feat to “bring the beauty of nature inside”: and Mattie and Joe are up to the challenge. After all, everything they’ve done up till now has led them to make your home, office, and commercial interiors as stylish and elegant as you’ve always wanted.

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