Impactful Theatre!

Impactful Theatre!

The benefits of being involved in youth theatre have recently been shown to have a lot more impact on the lives of young people than previously thought. In a recent study, youth theatre members were asked to agree or disagree with the statement “Youth theatre has the potential to completely change your life” and a staggering 85.59% agreed.

The study goes on to illustrate the many ways in which youth theatre impacts upon the lives of its young participants including the development of social, creative, and communicative skills. One of the benefits the study investigates is its function in helping people ‘grow up’ by providing them with increased levels of responsibility and independence.

In another study, 440 youth theatre members were asked to complete the sentence “taking part in youth theatre has helped me to...” and 80.45% selected the answer “become more confident.” Confidence is extremely important for young people and enables them to communicate and establish relationships comfortably and effectively. It has been directly linked to maturation where a higher level of self-confidence was found in those who mature early.

Being involved in theatre benefits young people by providing them with different types of adult role models and, by treating them as equals encourages them to accept the responsibilities of adulthood. Kids and tweens visions of adulthood are often restricted by the fact that the adults in their lives are in positions of authority. In Youth Theatre, young people get the opportunity to work with adult professionals and older youths in more of a peer environment. These adults can often serve as more positive teachers and role models who work with and support the young person on their path to adulthood. Their relationship can often be less formal than that of a parent/child, or a teacher/pupil.

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