Get Your Game Together with No Bogeys Golf

Get Your Game Together with No Bogeys Golf

Everyone knows that you’re not supposed to pick favorites when it comes to family. But let’s be honest, we all have them. Don’t tell: my Aunt Paula is my favorite of my father’s siblings.

She’s fiery, like you might expect a redhead to be. Out of her many quirks, most of which result in her annoying my father and delighting us kids, her penchant for golf is the absolute quirkiest. Plan a family get-together, and she’ll probably have a golf game before, or after. Plan a vacation? She’ll be golfing.

My husband and I planned a trip to Alaska to visit her last year, and in preparation, we knew at some point we would have to brush up on our game. Prior to our trip, my husband’s golf knowledge came from watching movies like Happy Gilmore. That wasn’t going to cut it, since we were going to tee up with Paula. In retrospect, we wish we would have known about No Bogeys Golf in Laguna Niguel to brush up on my husband’s basic skills and get my equipment looked at. No Bogeys has been in operation for the last 25 years, and they’re absolutely the official word on instruction, equipment and performance.

DSC01000For amateurs and pro golfers alike, the two keys are smarts and shafts. No matter the game you’d like to play, without the right knowledge of the course, your swing, body mechanics, and the fit of the clubs, you’re not going to succeed. At No Bogeys, they pride themselves on maximizing golfing performance.

“Not only can we pick out the right shafts to maximize your game, our fitters can explain why we selected that particular shaft,” says Owner Kyle Cullum. “We understand the variables that need to be considered when selecting golf equipment.” Most places will set you up with an instructor and a virtual screen, and send you on your way a couple hours later. The staff at No Bogeys covers everything from your swing to ball data. “We use state-of-the-art technology like TrackMan to capture data, and have cameras to view your swing. We do everything in house like building custom golf clubs to gripping handles, to repairing broken shafts.”

Owner Kyle Cullum and his family.Owner Kyle Cullum and his family.Kyle has been a golfer for about as many years as my Aunt Paula. Now perhaps Paula could give him a run for his money when it comes to sass, but he’s worked in as many arenas as she’s got swift comebacks, and found his passion was in helping players improve their overall satisfaction in their game.

“I realized years ago that dialing in a player’s equipment was just as important as working on their swing, and when I put the two together, it revolutionized everyone’s performance,” he says. By assessing the client needs, No Bogeys takes its technology to whatever level you need it. MySwing 3-D graphs the full trajectory of any shot. TrackMan takes swing training to the next level. Once you feel comfortable, bring back your friends for a private party, or simply a day on the green outside.

Kyle is proud of the work No Bogeys takes care of off the green as well. Linking up with Wounded Warrior, Folds of Honor, The First Tee, CHP 1-99 Foundation, and more, No Bogeys supports the fundraising efforts of local nonprofit organizations all over South Orange County.

“It isn’t enough for us to just swing selfishly,” says Kyle. “We’re invested in the performance of our community as well.” Needless to say, with Kyle and his team in our corner, we won’t get our argyle handed to us by Aunt Paula out on the course the next time we visit. No bogeys to survive the sass. I’ll tee up for that anytime.

No Bogeys is located at 27601 Forbes Road in Laguna Niguel. To connect with Kyle directly, call (949) 595-4405 or visit