Amping Up    Summer Fun at Surfer’s Cove the newest beach-themed expansion at LEGOLAND®  Water Park

Amping Up Summer Fun at Surfer’s Cove the newest beach-themed expansion at LEGOLAND® Water Park

My husband and I made the mistake of telling our kids we were planning an overnight stay and two days of fun at LEGOLAND® in Carlsbad two weeks prior to the planned visit last month. As you can imagine, we were on the countdown for the the next 13 days, peppered with questions about which attraction in the park we would experience first, if we could plan to be at the entrance “right when they open” so as to be among the first in line, whether two days was really enough time to enjoy the main park, the water park AND the aquarium?

SURFERSCOVE Draft10 flat 576x678RGBThe hotel was a dream come true for our kids and their parents - they loved everything about their stay - from collecting clues in a scavenger hunt that results in a code that unlocks a treasure chest in the room (which reveals a Lego set they could work on while mom and dad get the bags unpacked). Our accommodation is divided into an adult section with a king bed and a smaller, separate nook with bunk beds). The rooms are themed according to five popular lines of Lego toys: pirates, adventure, friends, kingdom and - as our son was ecstatic to discover … the new NINJAGO guest rooms which opened last March. For the latter, guests can choose from 18 rooms and two suites to spend a night with Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Lloyd, Nya and Master Wu.

driving school 300dpi 4X6Each room is filled with 11 LEGO® NINJAGO inspired models that include: Zane’s titanium falcon, Nya’s helmet, ninja throwing stars and a massive dragon egg all made out of LEGO bricks. Every child’s sleeping area is themed as a dragon’s cave where ninja dragons are waiting for battle and includes bunk and trundle beds. Plus, kids have their own TV, games, LEGO bricks and their treasure chest was hidden in what’s designed to be a bamboo passageway to the mountain temple! My husband and I slept in ninja style as the king-size bed’s headrest includes a shrine that holds all four elemental weapons.

Bricks restaurant features a buffet of foods that will appeal to everyone — soups, salads, easy-access entrees, and a bar at kids’ level so that they can serve themselves.

Breakfast, which is included with the room, has everything you can think of: eggs, an omelet station, pancakes, yogurt parfaits, pastries, fresh fruit and an array of hot and cold beverages.

aquazone 300dpi 4X6But the best benefit of staying in the hotel situated at the entrance to the park? Hotel guests enjoy early access - a full hour before the general public. And if you want to take a break to relax or refuel, get your hand stamped and you can come and go as you please (with free return entry into the park without waiting in line).

Summer is stacking up as a sure-fire adventure along the Pacific as LEGOLAND® launches its roster of new adventures including Surfer’s Cove, California’s newest beach themed expansion at LEGOLAND Water Park where you can enjoy an epic splash-ground at Wipeout Lagoon or rule Riptide Racers - a competitive water raceway designed for children to jump on a mat and race down one of six slides with family and friends for the fastest time! Each slide stands 17 feet high and is more than 100 feet in length.

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