Donna Hunnicutt

Donna Hunnicutt

Donna Hunnicutt, MBA is a Feng Shui Expert & Consultant and Realtor in Laguna Niguel.  She works to help clients who are stressed and “out of balance” to bring more harmony and happiness into their lives by using the principles of Feng Shui design.  Contact her for a complimentary phone consultation, or to register for upcoming local Feng Shui workshops: 949-533-9420/

Are you feeling stressed, over-committed, overwhelmed, out of sync, unbalanced?

In our world of constantly being on the go, trying to be three places at once, literally being available 24/7 thanks to technology, it is no wonder that so many feel so totally “out of whack” in their lives. Low energy, inability to focus, feeling anxious, chaotic and overwhelmed…these are just a few internal signs of total imbalance in one’s life.

So then, what is “Balance”? Balance can be defined as: the harmonious arrangement or relation of parts of elements within a whole; a State of Equilibrium (from

How do we create more Balance, more Harmony, more Equilibrium in our lives? We can begin with the physical spaces where we spend our time- our homes and offices- and learn how to apply the ageless concepts of Feng Shui to create “Conscious Environments.” Through the use of Feng Shui, or “intentional” design, we can effectively re-arrange and re-create our spaces to support, nurture, calm, balance and relax us, which in turn allows us to actually live our everyday Life with more “flow” and ease, and less stress.

Feng Shui is the holistic art and study of how our external environment affects us, internally, and vice-versa. The basic premise of Feng Shui is that our spaces, possessions, and every “thing” around us affects us on many levels- physically, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically- either positively or negatively.

The goal of Feng Shui is to have only those things (and people!) around us that we love and that send positive energy to us.

The “magic” of Feng Shui happens when we realize the profound effect our possessions and things have on our energy levels and quality of happiness. When our external environment makes us smile, we are simply happier, more relaxed, and our lives seem to magically begin to flow with more ease and harmony.

Once we understand this connection, the real fun begins!

Client testimonial:

“Donna-I am a true believer in what you do! After your Feng Shui consultation and space clearing of my home, I got a credit card offer for a low interest rate card.  I expected to be declined, as I’ve had credit issues... I was approved with a VERY high limit!! They had no business approving me but, I am very grateful.  And, this is the best one of all.  Sit down.  I received a totally unexpected deposit in my checking account of close to $5,000. I figured out who it is from and what it is for, but it is several months early! Unbelievable!   When I deposited 2 rebate checks today and saw my balance, I almost passed out. I am so relieved I could cry! You do fabulous work.  Expect your phone to start ringing off the hook.  I’m telling everyone I know about you!!”

A Heartfelt Thank You, C.M., Laguna Niguel, CA.

With a higher degree of “conscious awareness” regarding what energies we are bringing into our spaces, we can now create our Happy Places! Start by de-cluttering and “tidying up” all areas, keeping only those things which you love and which bring you joy… Clutter (unused, unwanted, unloved stuff) causes Energy to stagnate and become stuck- this is “bad” Feng Shui! Clear out the old and welcome in the new, positive, fresh Chi!

Then, discover your style, your true colors, what makes you smile? Choose wisely what you love…Listen to your soul, listen to your heart… you are being guided to a life of more balance, harmony, and happiness!

My Feng Shui practice, Serenity By Design, works to create energetically “healthy” and balanced spaces which make your heart sing with gratitude, joy, and happiness when you walk through your front door. My passion for transforming ordinary spaces into ones that relax the mind, body, and spirit is contagious, so join me to get started on your Feng Shui journey!