Welcome to Heart Christian Academy

Welcome to Heart Christian Academy

Dec 28, 2018

Since 1999, Heart Christian Academy has partnered with parents in South Orange County to not only make homeschooling understandable, but a truly viable alternative to traditional schooling options.  We invite you to discover our unique homeschool programs and Christ-centered community!

2 Days on Campus and 3 Days at Home
Our Signature Two Day Program combines the Best of Both Worlds.

Experience the flexibility of homeschooling combined with the structure of a small classroom setting where our students learn and play together.

Junior Kindergarten-8th grade students spend either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday of each week in grade-level classes at our Mariners South County campus. Using Heart Academy’s curriculum lists, the classroom instructor for each grade creates lesson plans for use both at home and on campus. These tools give parents the confidence to act as their children’s primary instructor, teaching at home the other three days of the week. In this unique program, the parent-teacher and the on-campus instructor work as a team to provide a multi-faceted learning experience.

Junior Kindergarten (8:30am–2:30pm) Average Class Size: 10-12
Kindergarten (8:30am-2:30pm) Average Class Size: 12-15
Elementary 1st-6th (8:30am-2:45pm) Average Class Size: 12-15
Junior High 7th-8th (8:00am–3:00pm) Average Class Size: 12-18