Pets of the Month

Pets of the Month

Oct 30, 2017


Six year old Rusty is a sweet little guy who wants nothing more than to be by your side.  Great on leash and easygoing, Rusty would be a good companion for someone who is looking for a low maintenance dog.  Could this gentle soul be the one for you?






This scruffy little cutie is Thelma, a three year old Jack Russell Terrier mix looking for a new home.   Thelma doesn’t let something like missing an eye get her down.  She is always full of spunk and has a winning personality that is sure to win over anyone!





Eleven month Cyan is a spayed Lionhead Lop who is just waiting for the right person to call her own.  Having originally come into the shelter in very poor condition, Cyan sometimes takes time to trust but once she knows you she is friendly and calm when picked up.  She would make a great house bunny for someone who is willing to get to know her and doesn’t mind a bit of grooming.




Always ready to greet you at the door with a friendly meow, Piper is a particularly attentive kitty looking to find her forever human.  She is three years old  and has a mellow, happy personality.   With her pretty green eyes and sweet disposition, Piper would be a good match for almost any household.



If you would like to know more about the animals listed here, please call the San Clemente/Dana Point Animal Shelter at (949)492-1617, or visit with them at 221 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente.