Heights Christian Schools - San Juan Capistrano

Heights Christian Schools - San Juan Capistrano

Dec 28, 2018

While new to the San Juan Capistrano area, Heights Christian Schools are not new to Christian education.
HCS has been serving 2,000 students, preschool through 8th grade, in the Brea, Chino Hills, La Habra,
La Mirada and Whittier communities for more than 35 years!

Celebrating more than 18 months in San Juan Capistrano, we are feeling very much at home in this amazing community. Housed at South Coast Community Church, we are conveniently located off the 5 Freeway and Ortega Hwy serving children ages 2-6 including PK and TK programs.

HCS believes a comprehensive preschool education should be age-appropriate and based on solid principles of child development. Each child develops at his/her own pace, so it is important that each student is treated as an individual. Each child is encouraged to progress at his/her own rate toward enriched experiences, self-discipline, and the ability to make wise choices. The HCS program promotes the child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual development. It is the aim of HCS to assist in developing the total personality of each child by providing an educational experience of lasting value.

HCS preschools provide a group setting in which each child can feel secure, learn to separate easily from parents, and interact with other children of the same age in group settings. Throughout each day and every activity, an emphasis is placed on biblical integration of Christian values, and helping students to develop an understanding of God and His love for them. The teacher/student ratio is intentionally low, providing teachers with the opportunity to observe play and creative expression, while providing a balance between child-selection and teacher-guided activities. Additionally, the HCS program prepares students academically for the next level with instruction in language and literacy, math and science concepts, creative expression, self and community awareness, and large and small motor development.

We have excellent Pre-Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten programs with afternoon auxiliary classes in Spanish, computers, cooking, and more.

At HCS, learning is fun, and God is number one!! Plan to call, click or visit!