President Vincent Curcie (L) and Frank Monteleone, partner at the renewable energy company. President Vincent Curcie (L) and Frank Monteleone, partner at the renewable energy company. Photography by Lana Farfan, Caught in the Moment Photography

Solar 360

Aug 28, 2015

Harnessing the sun (not to mention tax credits) to power your life

Imagine the meager amount of air you can contain by holding your breath. Now, imagine all the air that’s around you. It’s unlimited compared to what you can hold, right? It’s the same with energy; as essential to our lives, as unlimited as air and nearly as impossible to stockpile.

he vast abundance of energy around us doesn’t mean it comes easy and your monthly power bill clearly shows that it doesn’t come inexpensively. The skyrocketing costs of energy and the government incentives (currently scheduled to end December 2016) have many property owners taking a serious look at solar alternatives.

It’s seeing the reaction of his customers when they receive their first electric bill with a $0 balance due (or even a negative balance) that drives Vincent Curcie, President of the Orange-based Solar 360 Building Services Inc.

“It’s a truly rewarding feeling to know that what I do for a living results in helping people save real money every month,” says the City of Orange native. “The majority of the market today is focused on ‘leasing solar,’ but leasing just means the customer will spend twice as much for the cost of ownership. We help our customers finance their system so they can start saving money the very first month, but we also capitalize on all the available rebates and tax credits to ensure that we generate the maximum ROI (return on investment) for each client.”

As a residential solar installer, Curcie and his team at Solar 360 have designed and implemented custom power solutions for homeowners all over Orange County and Southern California. Every structure demands energy in a different way, spiking at various times of day for a host of reasons. The professionals at Solar 360 identify your current usage to determine your energy needs and in the future and help you make the necessary adjustments to your home to achieve power efficiency with solar technologies.

017 Solar 360“When you go solar, you’re still hooked up to the electrical grid so when you need more energy than your solar panels can produce, you can still pull power from your utility provider,” says Frank Monteleone, partner at the renewable energy company. “But when you are away from the house and your panels are producing energy that you are not using, the grid picks it up, distributes it elsewhere and credits you for that energy. The net result is that your bill drops dramatically.”

“Many homeowners find that the installation of their solar energy system ends up being ‘budget-neutral’ for the duration of the financing period.”

Between the savings you realize from reducing your energy bill and taking advantage of the 30% tax credit from the federal government, the majority of customers are able to switch to solar and receive immediate savings and relief off their current electric bill without having to make any changes to their lifestyle. After that, your solar system should provide ongoing savings – a powerful offer at a time when energy costs continue to rise.

Another particularly gratifying aspect of operating his business in Orange is that Vince is able to personally “give back” into the community of his hometown (his current house is just around the corner from his childhood home near the intersection of Katella and Handy).

“I love living and working in Orange and being able to give back in a way that directly benefits our community’s residents and organizations and am proud to sponsor many local high school programs.”

To find out if solar is right for you, connect with Vince and the team at Solar 360 by calling (888) 688-4946 for a no-obligation consultation at your home or visit