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We’re all pretty familiar with our favorite apps on the Internet or on our mobile devices - but someone has to write the code that makes them work.

More kids are getting exposure to coding earlier, and that’s the idea behind an exciting new after-school enrichment program from theCoderSchool. We teach young students (ages 7 through 18) how to write computer software -- including video games, mobile apps and websites. theCoderSchool started about five years ago in the Bay Area of Northern California.

Today, we are part of a nationwide franchise with nearly 50 locations around the country, and we have over 4,000 students attending our schools for one or more hours each week throughout the year.

There is great benefit to learning how to code - students learn logical thinking skills and problem-solving skills which will transfer into all other academic areas. In fact, many parents report that after a few months of attending theCoderSchool, their kids are demonstrating improvement in their overall academics. They also learn that they have the power to investigate and solve problems on their own, and they develop the self-confidence to help them overcome any obstacles.

Unlike many other after-school coding programs, we maintain an extremely low ratio of only two students with one instructor. This allows us to fully customize a unique curriculum for each and every student, based on their own experience, how they learn, and what they are most interested in learning.

Because each individual is unique, we don’t have a fixed curriculum that we force every student through - some are visual learners, some are conceptual learners and some like to practice, experiment, explore and digest the knowledge, while others are eager to make as much progress as quickly as possible. This distinctive approach has helped to make theCoderSchool the #1 after-school coding program in Silicon Valley -- it’s where all the software engineers from Apple, Google and Netflix send THEIR kids to learn how to code.

Coding is the basic literacy of technology, and we are surrounded by technology everyday. theCoder- School can help your kids learn to use that technology with skill to accomplish whatever they are interested in doing.

Here in Orange County, we have locations in Irvine and a newly-opened location in Mission Viejo. We also have other locations in Yorba Linda and Cerritos/La Palma.

You can register for an absolutely FREE 30-minute sample lesson at any of our locations. That will allow you to see our facility, meet our staff, and see if your student likes our teaching methods.


Many schools and community organizations host after school clubs for local kids. Clubs usually include interests such as team sports, creative arts, performing arts, and further exploration into academic subjects. Parents know that extracurricular activities, like after school clubs, can look good on college applications and resumes. However, after school programs also come with a wide variety of physical, mental, and emotional benefits for kids. After school clubs can help improve academic performance, allow kids to discover new passions and hobbies, nurture life skills, and so much more.

Afterschool3Improved academic performance

Kids who participate in structured after-school programs see improved academic performance, according to a study by SMU’s Simmons School of Education and Human Development. Not only did students’ grades improve, but the researchers noticed better attendance, as well as higher grade point averages in some cases.

Higher confidence and self-esteem

Participation in after-school clubs can lead to better academic performance, which goes hand-in-hand with another benefit: higher confidence and self-esteem. Kids who join after-school clubs are often pursuing a hobby, skill, or subject that they enjoy. As they get better at this activity, they might see a boost in their confidence and self-esteem. That carries over into their outlook and performance in school.

Developing real-world skills

An after-school activity teaches kids so much more than the activity itself. Real-world skills, or life skills, are developed alongside the skills with a new activity. For example, your child might join an after-school soccer club because they love playing the sport. They’ll get better at handling a soccer ball and keeping up their physical health. Plus, they’ll learn essential life skills like teamwork, communicating with their teammates, and perseverance. They’ll also learn skills like time management: how to prioritize after-school club attendance with school, homework, chores, and family duties. The skills they learn in after-school programs can benefit them in their future.

Foundation for the future

Speaking of the future, we all know that a well-rounded student with extracurricular activities is often a more attractive applicant when it comes to college acceptance. That’s also true for jobseekers: hiring managers will sometimes assess a person’s abilities and work habits through their passions outside of their career.

Getting involved in extracurricular activities at a young age can help kids see the value in having regular hobbies, a value that will carry into their future beyond school.

Participation in healthy activities

We’ve discussed the emotional and mental benefits to after-school clubs. Let’s not forget the physical benefits of participating in after-school activities, too! Certain extracurricular programs like team sports, dance, or self-defense gets kids outside and physically active. Even if the extracurricular program isn’t considered a “physical activity,” participating in something like drama, robotics, or speech and debate is still good for physical health. Pursuing a hobby can reduce stress, lessen screen time, and encourage healthy lifestyle habits.

Good for the whole family

After-school programs are certainly great for kids, but parents can benefit as well. When working parents are unable to pick up their children after the school day finishes, after-school clubs provide a safe place for kids to spend their time. Rather than hiring a childcare provider for the hours until the workday ends, parents can have peace of mind knowing where their kids are and what they’re doing.

Instead of vegging out at home on the couch with a babysitter, kids can practice a musical instrument, or play basketball with friends, or write and read in a quiet room at school. Even better, kids can practice their skills and enjoy their hobbies under the supervision of an adult who can guide or help them if needed.

Choose from Stratford’s many after-school clubs

Looking for your child’s next after-school club? Stratford has a wide variety of programs for current students. Choose from academic-focused clubs like Math Olympiads or Jr. Tinker Workshop. Kids can explore the arts with Hip Hop Dance or Choir. Or, they can get up and get moving with tennis, cricket, or soccer club. You’re sure to find an after-school club that suits your child’s interests and age with Stratford School!

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said “who you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you’re saying.” Keeping this quote in mind has served me well over the years, particularly in choosing friends … and when seeking out the services of professionals. In my opinion, integrity isn’t a word heard often enough in the business world. Competitive, certainly.

But unfortunately phrases like “bottom-line oriented,” “unscrupulous,” even “cutthroat” have cropped up in the vernacular when hearing home improvement gone wrong stories from fellow homeowners. That’s why it was so refreshing to come across Jeff McCabe and his Orange County-based One Way Painting.
In business since 1976, Jeff and his team serve all of the OC and specialize in interior and exterior residential and commercial painting. They swear by the rules of professionalism: “no cutting corners. No cheap materials. We pay attention to every detail, and never call a job complete until the customer is completely satisfied.”

IMG 2840

Some might call it good Christian values. Others might say it’s simply good business. But for the last 42 years, working from the heart has earned One Way Painting such a respected reputation in the industry that the vast majority of their work comes through repeat customers or referrals from repeat customers. The company’s success isn’t merely rooted in customer service though. Boasting a superior knowledge of available product on the market and hiring the most professional crews in the business also goes a long way.

“Our reputation speaks for itself; but if it didn’t, we have 16 satisfied employees on our permanent payroll who would put a hand up in defense of the standards we set,” says Jeff. Standards which were born and bred through a commitment to ethical business practices and hard work. In 2001, Jeff teamed up with seasoned professional Ron Bartz as a journeyman, then took over the company when Ron retired, and has been growing it ever since.

IMG 1309

In 2009, Jeff took the pair of three-man crews and expanded the operation to encompass six crews, two office staff, and a project manager who oversees jobs, right alongside the man with the plan himself. “We currently have four trucks on the road and I’d like a full fleet someday. I’d like to leave a legacy for my daughters, and that means more than just cans of paint and a warehouse full of equipment and materials.” To Jeff, it means taking care of his employees, taking care of his family: taking care of business. The hope is that One Way Painting becomes a household name, for its quality of work and quality of values.

My husband and I can happily attest to both. When we moved into our home in San Juan Capistrano five years ago, we acquired quotes for exterior painting from several contractors, but were particularly impressed with Jeff and his crew. Prior to starting work at our home, Jeff came by in person to go over what the job would entail and answered all of our questions. His team showed up right on time the first day - and each subsequent day - and at the end of each day everything was cleaned up before they left.

pic 1

pic 2

“We pride ourselves on working with a team of long-term employees - we do not hire off the street,” says Jeff. “We guarantee our work and do not require payment till the job is completed and the customer is completely pleased with our work.”

Jeff and his crew delivered on these promises and more than exceeded our expectations - the result was outstanding work, a job completed on time and on budget and defined by unparalleled customer service (Kelly in his office was hyper-responsive to our inquiries during the estimating process and followed up immediately upon completion of the job to ensure that we were satisfied with the results and our overall experience of working with One Way Painting). We were so pleased with the work that when we decided to update our kitchen by painting our cabinets and adding hardware (the job is scheduled to start two weeks from the date of this writing so look for a future testimonial feature), we were confident that One Way Painting would be the one and only call we would need to make.

Their attention to detail is found from start to finish. For exterior projects, they begin by power washing to clean and remove any loose paint, mildew or mold. Then the patching: with stucco, trenching around the foundations and priming with an acrylic. They’ll treat your wood siding, eaves, fascia, windows. Main doors, garage doors, trim. Even wrought iron, or other specialty surfaces like patio covers and fences. Most work depends on the client’s preference: semi-gloss, hi-gloss enamel, acrylic, or oil finish. Inside walls see flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi, or hi-gloss. If you have natural wood cabinets and they need refinishing, One Way’s crew will see to it that they look new again. Also licensed and bonded as commercial painters, Jeff’s crew has been making businesses and their buildings look new again for 42 years. With a free on-site estimate, your custom needs are sure to have a custom solution. No deposits required, and “no surprises along the way,” Jeff is quick to add.

“I think at the end of the day what sets us apart is taking our time with each and every customer that comes our way,” says Jeff. “We run a business like every person we interact with is family.” They may not be the cheapest out there, but then that wouldn’t fly in Emerson’s eyes, and not in Jeff’s either. “Our business is based on the Christian ethic of treating every customer with honesty and integrity. Every job is done ‘as unto the Lord.’ Does this mean we’re perfect? No. It does mean that we strive to do the best painting job possible.”

Connect with Jeff, Kelly and the One Way Painting team by calling (866) 986-9781, visit or YELP for reviews.

If you are looking for top-rated physicians to keep your family healthy, MemorialCare Medical Group delivers. In addition to providing top-ranked physicians, MemorialCare Medical Group will now open a brand-new health center in Rancho Mission Viejo on December 16th, 2019. This two-story, 26,000 square-foot health center will provide the residents of South Orange County with: Primary Care, Pediatric Care, Specialty Care, OB/GYN, X-Ray Services, Breast Center and Laboratory Draw Services.

As a member of MemorialCare, MemorialCare Medical Group strives to offer top-notch, personalized healthcare options to every community in the MemorialCare network.

You can trust our family to take care of yours.

877-MYMEMCARE (696-3622)

30492 Rancho Mission Viejo Road
Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 92675

A Q & A with Kristy Fleming, MD, FAAD
Board-Certified Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon

Question: Why is fall the season for dermatology?


1. Weather

In truth, many dermatologic treatments are technically a form of very controlled skin damage. Damage activates the bodies innate repair system to replace old injured cells with new healthy cells, generate collagen, and restore fragmented elastin. Temperate fall weather provides a much more comfortable healing environment than the summer heat of Southern California.

2. Untanned Skin

Lasers are incredibly powerful exact devices designed to target a precise wavelength (color). Be it brown sunspots on the face, red vessels around the nose, or hair on the legs, the laser treatment is most safe and effective when there is the greatest differentiation between your skin color and the desired target.

3. Sun avoidance

One of my favorite treatments is photodynamic therapy (PDT). PDT is a medical procedure that clears pre-cancers (so usually covered by Medicare/most insurance companies), but also provides an excellent cosmetic result.

However, this treatment requires strict sun protection. I tell my patients: “Pretend you are allergic to the sun. Better yet, pretend you are a vampire.” Even a quick jaunt to the mailbox without appropriate sun protection will leave you feeling like your skin is on fire!

DJS 65072

4. The Holiday Rush

The holidays are quickly approaching and everyone is eager to look their best for visiting family and annual parties. This is our busiest time of year for cosmetic treatments and appointment availability can be scarce. Nevertheless, we can almost always accommodate a “Botox emergency.”

Quick tip: If you have a big event, we recommend scheduling your cosmetic procedure at least 2 weeks prior in order to ensure you’re looking your best!

The holidays also mean schools are on break. This is a great time for kids and college students to catch up on their skin issues without having to miss school or incur additional travel expenses.

5. Insurance Woes

Unfortunately, medical insurances dictate much of our ability to treat our patients. Some patients are losing their insurance at the end of the year, while others have met their extremely high deductible and are anxiously trying to have any outstanding procedures performed before the deductible is reinstated anew. We understand these concerns. Our office stays open during winter break and we frequently extend our hours, but we definitely recommend scheduling your appointment as soon as possible.

Question: Now that summer is over, are we safe to put away our sunblock until next year?

Answer: Definitely not! Don’t be fooled by overcast skies, clouds are poor protection from harmful UV rays. I’ve treated many patients with severe sunburns who mistakenly believed sunblock was unnecessary without sunshine.

Fleming Dermatology & Aesthetic Center
23141 Moulton Parkway, Suite 110, Laguna Hills
(949) 916-5956 |

Being properly educated about Medicare is important …However, it is only part of planning to manage your healthcare costs.

prescott logoThe traditional approach is to focus on keeping your Medicare and out of pocket costs to a minimum. This approach, while important, overlooks probably the most important element which is tax planning to try to minimize your monthly Medicare Part B premium costs. This important step is never discussed and is overlooked by senior health agents who don’t have the training to deliver important tax savings.

As you may know, you pay Medicare Part A and Part B premiums (which are typically deducted from your Social Security benefit check). The monthly premium cost can range from approximately $136 to $461 per month based upon your Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) which is your normal AGI plus any tax-exempt interest and other non-taxable income. At various income levels, the Medicare Part B premium costs are increased. Normally, premium costs will continue to rise since the government will adjust them for inflation. Your income number for tax year 2019 actually determines your Medicare Part B premium cost two years later for calendar year 2021.

Prescott Tax & Wealth Management is offering a $99 tax planning session with Peter Prescott (CPA & Masters in Taxation) to the first 50 people who respond to this ad.

Peter will review your 2018 tax returns and estimate your 2019 income (MAGI) to assist with keeping your income below the annual income threshold levels in an effort to minimize your Medicare premium costs and tax bill.

Prescott Tax & Wealth Management (949)248-9815 Ext. 1 (appointments)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prescott Tax & Wealth Management
30950 Rancho Viejo Rd, Suite 100
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Are you ready for the first day of school? The first day of school is a big deal for kids and parents. Getting back into a school routine can be tough, especially for children who start at a new school. We’ve put together a few essential tips for the first day of school so you and your child can have a successful start to the school year.

Visit the school or go to an open house

Preparation is the best way to minimize first-day jitters and stress. Before the school year starts, take your child to an open house, orientation, or a tour of the school. Perhaps even ask to shadow a class. This is particularly helpful if your child is starting at a new school. By visiting the building beforehand, your child can familiarize herself or himself with the schedule and routine, which may boost confidence and help the transition seem less scary.

Prep everything the night before

The morning of the first day of school should be as calm as possible, so taking the time to prep the night before will help make the morning routine run smoothly. You can prepare things such as:

  • check The school outfit
  • check School lunch
  • check Book bags
  • check Any medical forms, permission slips or paperwork needed

When you prepare everything ahead of time, you’ll also have a chance to catch any last-minute tasks that you might have missed leading up to the first day.

Get a good night’s sleep and wake up early

That goes for you and your child! It’s pretty common to let bedtime lapse over the summer, especially when the days are much longer. Ideally, you should start gradually adjusting sleep and wake schedules about two weeks before school starts. That way, getting to bed on time is already a habit, and the night before school starts, your child will be good to go.

On the big day, encourage your child to wake up early, which will help them to acclimate to the new routine and leave room in case something unexpected arises. Plus, your child can get to school a little bit earlier, alleviating stress for you and your child (especially navigating through traffic during drop-off)!

Eat a healthy breakfast

No matter how excited or nervous your child might be, it is important that they don’t skip breakfast. Having a healthy breakfast can help kids better regulate their appetite and avoid common illnesses. Getting breakfast ready is another reason why waking up early on the first day is a good idea. However, that doesn’t mean preparing breakfast needs to be a long ordeal. You can prep breakfast foods the night before or bake batches of food like breakfast muffins to cut down on time.

Be mindful of how your child is feeling

As a parent, you may be focused on getting your child’s things ready or being on time. That’s totally normal. However, don’t forget to be mindful of how he or she is feeling. Your child may feel anxious, excited, scared, or stressed. Try to remain calm; if you act stressed, your child will pick up on it. Focus on the positive and let your child talk about their fears or worries if they need to. Remind them that these feelings are common and okay to have, and that you’ll be there when the school day is over.

Are you thinking of enrolling your child at a new school? Stratford School’s curriculum infuses academics with a true appreciation of the arts. Our staff prepares students for success in high school, college, and beyond. Learn more about our philosophy or schedule a tour now at!

Stratford School is located at 24741 Chrisanta Drive in Mission Viejo. For information, call (949) 458-1776 or visit

We here at Community Publications all agree that one of the most fun perks of being part of the team is the ability to mix and mingle each month with our advertising partners at great venues in South OC! And our recent soiree at the beautiful all-new ReelTime showroom in San Juan Capistrano was no exception.

Guests noshed on light bites and wine - exploring each gorgeous, state-of-the-art room on display as ReelTime’s professionals shared their extensive knowledge of the latest in home automation (see editorial on page 20).

We know we’re lucky to have such great relationships with our amazing advertisers and that getting together is always a celebration each month! We feel lucky to do what we love, and hope that you enjoy reading each issue of South County Magazine and Sorbet - a SoCal Senior Publication as much as we enjoy putting them together each month!


July 1

Now through January 11, 2020 in the Cathedral Cultural Center on Christ Cathedral campus. Enjoy this immersive experience of museum quality and near life size reproductions of the iconic masters’ frescos that adorn the Sistine Chapel. For times and tickets, visit

Fieryworks5 v kr

July 4

San Clemente
622 Avenida Del Mar
At the Pier, 9 pm

Dana Point
Dana Point Harbor, 9 pm

Laguna Niguel
Over the lake at Laguna Niguel Regional Park
28241 La Paz Road

Laguna Niguel, 9 pm
Laguna Beach
Monument Peak at Heisler Park
375 Cliff Drive, 9 pm

Ladera Ranch
Founders Park
28275 Avendale Blvd.

Montage Laguna Beach Afternoon Tea

July 7

Weekend Afternoon Tea at Montage Laguna Beach.
30801 Coast Highway
Laguna Beach
The deliciousness and elegance of Afternoon Tea will be served every Saturday and Sunday starting at 2 p.m. in the newly refurbished Lobby Lounge overlooking the Pacific Ocean with live entertainment. For info: (949) 715-6420.

PastedGraphic 32

July 14

Festival of the Arts Family Art Day
650 Laguna Canyon Road
Laguna Beach
12 pm – 3 pm
Family Art Day at the Festival of Arts is the most fun-filled, art-filled and enchantment-filled day of the entire summer for Orange County families!

July 14

Dana Point Concerts in the Park
Sea Terrace Park
33501 Niguel Road
3 pm – 4 pm: Pyromania: the Def Leppard Experience
4:30 pm - 6 pm: Aeromyth – The Ultimate Tribute to Aerosmith

event poster 8155661

July 20 -21

San Clemente Ocean Festival
The Greatest Show on Surf
The San Clemente Ocean Festival is celebrating 43 years of “The Greatest Show on Surf”! Come see the thrilling competitions of many ironman water and land events, including the ever-popular dory boat races, 5K beach run, and one-mile ocean swim. Register early for these and other events, including the Kid’s Dolphin Dash beach run, ‘Groms Rule’ Surf Contest, NEW Pier Bowl Surf Contest & NEW Tandem Boogieboard Contest! For info:

July 21

Dana Point Concerts in the Park
Sea Terrace Park
33501 Niguel Road
3 pm – 4 pm: The Reflexx
4:30 pm - 6 pm: Freedom – a Tribute to George Michael and Wham

Starting with this - the May 2019 issue - we are introducing a new MONTHLY Calendar showcasing Destination Dining, Entertainment, Music, Farmer’s Markets, Special Events and More! We considered a traditional calendar format, but discovered upon polling our readership that they preferred more detailed information than a simple calendar listing could provide … so please enjoy our first installment! We are always looking for ways to improve and would love to hear your feedback!

If you have an upcoming event you’d like to showcase, please send the details and any imagery/graphic our way to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We hope you enjoy this new ongoing editorial department!

32 ZmFybWVycyBtYXJrZXQgbGV0dGVyaW5n

Old Capistrano Certified Farmers Market. Historic Town Center Park at 31852 El Camino Real. Every Wednesday at 3 pm - rain or shine! Come down to our weekly Farmers Market that is 15 years strong. Check out local produce, hummus, peanuts, honey and other local vendors. Weekly from 3 pm - 7 pm rain or shine. For info:


Fiesta de Mayo Celebration. 1pm - 3pm at the Outlets at San Clemente - 101 West Avenida Vista Hermosa. The free afternoon fiesta will feature local Mariachis, Ballet Folklorico and family-friendly fun, and more! Info:

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta: Max Berg Plaza Park - 1100 Calle Puente in San Clemente. Celebrate the Hispanic Culture for an afternoon of LIVE entertainment, delicious food, activities for the children and fun with family, friends, and neighbors! For info:

Dana Point Farmers Market at La Plaza Park at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway & Golden Lantern every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. In addition to local, organic produce and unique products from Dana Point businesses, arts & crafts vendors join in the fun every 2nd Saturday of the month. For info: (949) 573-5033.

12th Annual Laguna Beach Taste of the Nation - Montage Laguna Beach featuring Australian Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone. Small bites and desserts will be prepared by some of the region’s top chefs, including host chefs Benjamin Martinek and Lee Smith of Studio; Xavier Solomon and Alexis Palacios of Montage Los Cabos; Eric Samaniego of Michael’s on Naples Ristorante; Bryant Taylor of Chianina Steakhouse; Brother Luck of Four by Brother Luck and Bryan Brown of Bourbon Steak, A Michael Mina Restaurant. All proceeds benefit Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry. $250 general admission; $275 VIP admission. Info:

San Clemente Farmers Market. Come out and find the finest purveyors and farmers of local produce every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the 200th block of Avenida Del Mar - rain or shine! For info:

Depositphotos 13922672 xl 2015

Laguna Niguel Farmers Market. Every Sunday from 8 am to 12 pm. Organic fruit, vegetables, Kombucha, juice, meat and seafood, raw pet food, tropical trees, pure honey and more. Info:

mothers day hand lettering 13

MAY 11
Mother’s Day Weekend Brunch - The Tea House on Los Rios in historic San Juan Capistrano. Traditional Mother’s Day High Tea (also on May 12th). Brunch seating 9 am; Lunch seatings at 11:30 am and 2:15 pm. Info:

MAY 12
Mother’s Day Brunch (multiple locations):

Ramos House Cafe - Los Rios Historic District in San Juan Capistrano. Down-home Southern-inspired New American cooking. Info: