An Interview with  Daniel R. Lara,  CEO/Broker - Regal American Mortgage Photography by Diana Schmitt, Accent Portraits by Diana

An Interview with Daniel R. Lara, CEO/Broker - Regal American Mortgage

Jun 29, 2020

Defining Certainty in Uncertain Times

I’d love to see how many times the words mortgage forbearance has been looked up in the past three months, while the world has been on lockdown. It’s most certainly one of those I had to check with Mirriam-Webster for a sense of assurance on. Sure enough, it comes up with a great many results: “forbearance in loans,” “forbearance COVID-19 mortgage,” “forbearance vs. deferment.” More questions than answers come up and Google trends showed it was one of the top searches over the last few months. As we slowly emerge from our homes and return to work, the daily draw of our lives presents an alarming list of new challenges. Recovering financially is at the top of the list for most Americans.

A near 20% unemployment rate is nothing to shake a stick at, combined with the current climate of social unrest. Regal American Mortgage has the solution to at least one of the issues plaguing Americans at night, where Google just provides more questions: Your finances.

If you have served in the US military, you have even more benefits due to you for your service."

“Forbearance is not the answer,” says Daniel R. Lara, CEO/Broker. “Not paying your bills and losing your home is not the answer. If you have renters who are not making payments, the mortgage on the investment property is still your responsibility. Refinancing the property could be the option that makes more sense than putting your credit and investment at risk.”

If you are gainfully employed, or being pulled off furlough or have a fixed income, this qualifies you for payment relief through a Regal Refinance. “We are helping homeowners qualify at historically lower interest rates. Through the refi we are able to defer two monthly payments (July and August or August and September) and return the escrow balance. Lowering the rate adjusts the monthly payments over the long term. Saving upwards of sometimes hundreds of thousands over the life of the loan. We are literally putting thousands into the hands of homeowners during these financially difficult times – we are doing this in as quickly as two to three weeks!”

"Individuals and families finding their way out of the quarantine is a huge priority right now for the team at Regal American, and homeowners all over are qualifying for interest rates that are historically low,” says Dan. "Not only are rates low (2.879% APR 30 years fixed), but the costs to accomplish keeping one’s head above water, despite the crushing wave that has passed over us recently, are historically low, and 79% of the time we are not even requiring an appraisal. I think of mortgage lending like a game of chess. Strategy will ensure we execute as promised, unsurpassed attention to details and focus on our trade ensures we deliver on our word.” Consider it a stimulus check, without the paper notice in your mail to accompany it.

If you have served in the US military, you have even more benefits due to you for your service. No income documents, no appraisal, and usually two deferred payments to lock in a record low-rate loan. Regal American is holding a financial lifeline for many families during these turbulent times. That’s a concept I understand. And security, confidence, assurance? Those are words I know the definitions for.

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