The  “Mindful Mover’s” Wish List

The “Mindful Mover’s” Wish List

It’s functional. It improves quality of life. It’s a pathway to healthy living. It’s perfect! Here are a few ideas from the folks at Align:

A Mat

Anyone who practices yoga or Pilates will need a mat, but with so many different types and price ranges on the market these days it’s hard to know what to get. And trust us, not all mats are created equal. Quality matters. For exercises that involve laying, rolling on the spine, arm balances and headstands, a good mat goes a long way. Go for one that is made of real rubber or eco-friendly materials, and thickness of at least ¾ of an inch. Our top pick at Align is the Manduka Pro Mat.


The joy of a prop! Props can either make or break your practice. Some moves are so difficult one may need the assistance of a bolster or block. On the other hand, one may like to make the exercise more challenging and use a ball or a magic circle. Props make great stocking stuffers or fun gifts under the tree. Blocks, bolsters, blankets, therabands, magic circle, yamuna ball or a foam roller are all great choices for the mindful mover.

Athletic Wear

Style points count, but when it comes to moving, function’s the most important when it comes to what to wear. Look for quality clothing that does not have many seems, high waistband, hugs the body and has NO zippers. One of our favorite brands at Align is Gylder Apparel.

Essential Oils

Most mindful movers are also very mindful about what goes in and on the body. Essential oils are natural plant compounds that are both fragrant and contain therapeutic properties that promote physical and mental well-being. With a ride range of use from achy joints to calming the mind, essential oils are a must for your mindful mover. We love the Deep Blue essential oil from doTerra after a good work-out.

Gift Card

Sometimes choosing the right size, color or prop can be overwhelming, but a simple gift card to a favorite studio, prop brand or athletic wear is always a win.
May the gift giving begin, and we wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!

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