Good for the Body,  Good for the Soul. Finding Health Under One Roof  at The Druggist Pharmacy

Good for the Body, Good for the Soul. Finding Health Under One Roof at The Druggist Pharmacy

When you have your health, you have everything. At least that’s the rule the folks over at Laguna Niguel’s Druggist Pharmacy follow. Part of the community since 1972, and offering regular prescriptions, compounding, home health items, a gift store, and a USPS contract station all under one roof, The Druggist is your one stop shop for total health - which, in their eyes, is everything you’d ever need.

Owned and operated by Nihar and Kirti Mandavia, The Druggist was under previous management until 2014. Nihar saw the business in 2012 and knew he had to be a part of it.

“We strive to uphold the reputation that the pharmacy has built up over the past 40 years. We believe our service and attention to detail sets us apart from the chain stores, and we take care of our patients as if they were family.”

A graduate of the USC School of Pharmacy in 2003, Nihar grew up in the business. “My uncles and cousins were pharmacists. They persuaded me to join the family practice. I’ve been working as one ever since.” Under various settings, Nihar grew his business acumen, moving steadily towards his dream of owning The Druggist.

Servicing board + cares, nursing homes, and hospices, the pharmacy has the ability to formulate medications that aren’t commercially available. “This includes various strengths or dosage forms. We can also make medications without dyes, flavors, or lactose.” Being able to go straight from your primary care physician or specialist to the pharmacy is a gift that cannot be overlooked. Yes, having your health is the primary concern. But keeping it can often be another question entirely. So many chain pharmacies have long lines, waiting periods - or as I found recently, the enormous headache of needing to pick up a prescription in one location and a cane in another. With over 67,000 pharmacies nationwide, you’d think that having a prescription filled would be simple. So often, the contrary is true.

It was Henry David Thoreau that famously said “Our lives are frittered away by detail...simplify, simplify.” Emerson, snidely responded, “One ‘simplify’ would have sufficed.” I am certainly wont to agree with Emerson when it comes to shopping for medical apparati and having my prescriptions refilled. I have waited in enough long lines and gotten back into my car, to drive down the street to yet another chain- to fritter away any more of my life to such meaningless detail. Nihar and Kirti couldn’t agree more.

The Druggist offers prescription delivery as well as bubble packing. They’ll even fill your pet’s medications. Walkers and wheelchairs? Got ‘em. Pharmacist guidance was impossible to turn down, especially when it came to walking me through the cost-benefit of a generic prescription versus the private label over-the-counter. Participating in the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce, The Druggist’s staff also volunteers in several events throughout the year. “We also try to have a presence at health fairs every few months. It helps us get to know our customers (and future customers!) by name.”

Donating their time isn’t enough, however. Contributing to local elementary and high school organizations in the community, The Druggist also donates excess inventory to a local charity in Laguna Niguel. Building relationships with anyone who works at a local service counter anymore is almost unheard of- let alone a 30+ year relationship with your neighborhood pharmacist. But if everything you have is your health, why compromise for any less than the best? Attention to detail, sound medical advice and delightful service: almost everything else you’d ever need. And certainly small business at its very finest.

The Druggist is located at 24022 Aliso Creek Road in Laguna Niguel. 
For information, call (949) 643-0740 or visit