Owner Shellie Thomas (center) Owner Shellie Thomas (center)

Finding Peace at the Sweat Sanctuary

There are a million fitness choices you could make. Maybe more. Food, drink, fasting. Juice cleanse, cold tolerance. Pilates, yoga, sauna, HIIT. But almost nowhere can one find a studio focusing on total health and wellness. Enter Sweat Sanctuary. Offering pilates, yoga, infrared saunas, and nutritional coaching, Sweat Sanctuary works on the whole person. Owner Shellie Thomas has been involved in fitness, personal training, and holistic health for her entire life. Fifteen years ago she found pilates and became certified to teach.

Image 2Sweat Sanctuary has been in business over ten years - the fruit of Shellie’s laboring through the minefield of personal fitness. “We not only offer fitness classes, but offer an infrared sauna experience with chromotherapy light to detox the body, drop cortisol levels and increase oxygen flow to your tissues and joints,” says Shellie. “We also have different supplements to help balance the internal systems in the body that can help with sleep issues, pain, anxiety, and different hormonal imbalances.”

Shellie believes that a great many health issues can be solved by “integrating a holistic solution, alleviating pain, solving sleep problems, and most importantly, keeping the body moving.” Toward that end, heated yoga can help increase flexibility to circulate oxygen and energy throughout the body and protect against injuries, build muscle strength and vitality. Pilates concentrates on developing core strength to build stamina and improve posture - and bonus! create well-toned muscles without bulking up.

Wholeness is healing, and we love having a creative, dynamic space to offer options in fitness, nutrition and preventative health care.”

Image 3“The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga, infrared heat that acts as the sun from the saunas and the strengthening and lengthening of pilates can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome, lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia,” says Shellie. “Aside rom the physical benefits, one of the best benefits of sweating is how it helps a person manage stress, which is known to have devastating effects on the body and mind.”

Offering a donation-based Pilates class and a free Teen Yoga class, Sweat is dedicated to the practices and commitments necessary to learn life-coping skills and improve every aspect of your daily routines.

“I love seeing clients come in to work on their health,” says Shellie. “We have a wonderful community, and every day someone tells me how much they love coming in, or just how much the work they have done has lifted their spirits. Wholeness is healing, and we love having a creative, dynamic space to offer options in fitness, nutrition, and preventative health care.” With the best instructors around and a living education, all you need is a dose of sweat … Sanctuary.

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Connect with Shellie directly by stopping by her studio at 657 Camino de los Mares, Suite 137 in San Clemente, calling (949) 218-4834 or visit sweatsanctuary.com. Mention this article to receive One Week of Unlimited Sauna, Yoga and Pilates for only $49 (new clients only)!