Cross Training  For Life

Cross Training For Life

Let’s face it life can be pretty repetitive. People tend to be major creatures of habit. From the moment we wake to the time we go to bed, our bodies perform well over 1,000 receptive motions in a day.
Think about typing on the computer, walking the dog, carrying a purse, holding the phone, driving a car, physical labor at work, the list goes on and on. Add to this the fact that most of us do the same workout day in and day out. Over time these actions add up, generating habitual patterns within our muscles and joints leading to chronic pain, over use injuries and poor posture. All of this can make everyday life seem difficult.

But the answer is easy: cross-train! The concept behind cross training is simple. By doing different forms of modalities to counteract the repetitive actions of life. Thus strengthen and stretching the body to prevent injury and improve task performance.
At ALIGN we strongly believe Pilates and yoga is one of the best ways to cross train. Both forms of modalities are smart choices in address overuse injury, spinal deviations and burnout. Here are a few examples how cross training equates to a better quality of life…

• Combat muscle/joint imbalances

When repetitive actions are done without cross training, certain muscle groups become overly develop and others become week and undeveloped. This places undue strain on the skeletal system, generating spinal and joint deviations. Thus opening the door for a gambit of back and joint dysfunction, like Kyphosis (hunchback), Lordosis (swayback) and Scoliosis (sideways curve in the spine).
The concepts of both yoga and Pilates strongly focus on gaining and maintaining a strong core and balanced posture. “The core-strengthening perks of Pilates/yoga can ease pain, improve daily life for people suffering from chronic low-back pain, and offset major postural deviations,” says Cherie Wells, a senior lecturer in physical therapy at Australia’s Griffith University.

• Reduces the risk of injury

Overuse injuries happen when the same action is done repetitively putting major stressors on joints and muscles. Over time muscles and joints can’t sustain and thus leading to inflammation, wear and tear issues like arthritis, tendonitis and other osteopathic problems.

Coincidently with Pilates and yoga, by concentrating on overall symmetry and a balanced posture in the body the risk of overuse injury is minimized as well. Equally balanced muscles surrounding a joint are able to support a body easier. The body is then able to resist chronic issues that arise from repetitive joint motion like arthritis. Over-worked muscles that become tight and hold tension can cause injury as well. Pilates and yoga consists of therapeutic stretching and breathing, which is known to release tension and produce a greater range of motion within joints. Making body move with ease and avoiding inflammation.

• Creates life/exercise adherence

Doing the same activity over and over can lead to exercise burnout. The same can be said about life and everyday activities. When life becomes mundane our minds become less stimulated and boredom arises, leading to stress, depression and other mental health problems.
Both systems of movement possess a variety of approaches and repertoire. In most sessions or classes one won’t experience the same exercises twice, making it hard to get bored. The combination of keeping each session fresh and new, plus linking breathe to movement, one is forced to focus when executing an exercise. This mindful approach to movement is highly recognized for reducing exercise burnout, stress, and depression.

To experience all of the advantages of Pilates and yoga, and properly cross-train for life, it’s important to have quality instruction. Positive results come from a well-structured session taught by a highly qualified and certified instructor, and this can be found at ALIGN. We invite you to come cross train with us and beat the everyday repetitiveness of life.

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