Spotlight On:  Seena Pharmacy

Spotlight On: Seena Pharmacy

It doesn’t take a lot to impress me when I walk into a pharmacy. At this point, the large chains that scatter the map like Starbucks greet you with as much enthusiasm as you might expect someone walking into the dentist for a root canal. (No offense to dentists…) Really, I’d like a smile - maybe a simple “how’s your day going.”

Maybe just the acknowledgement that I’m a human, who doesn’t particularly want to stand in line, but needs whatever particular item I happen to be picking up at the time. Like me, Michael Parsi had also had enough. A graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in 1994, Parsi went onto Southwestern Oklahoma State University Pharmacy School in 1998. After working as a pharmacy manager for one of those large chains for 15 years, Michael decided he’d had enough.

“I needed to spend more time with my patients”, he notes, “they’re not just a number waiting in a long line. They deserve better.” Established in 2013, Seena Pharmacy is truly dedicated to providing superior service and care. One prescription, one customer at a time. Always greeting their customers with a smile and a sense of appreciation, the pharmacy instantly stands out in my book. Like I said, it doesn’t take a lot to impress me. Offering bubble wrap for assisted livings, free shipping and delivery, durable medical equipment, and vaccinations, the service doesn’t stop with a smile. “We try to take advantage of our niche market to take our business to a whole new level.”

Also offering some compounding, the pharmacy can create unique and formulated medication tailored to fit each specific individual’s needs. For some, it could be as simplistic as adding flavor to a solution to make it go down a bit easier - or perhaps transforming a pill to a solution. Or, it could be creating a complex mix containing multiple active ingredients designed to work in a specific combination. The perfect combinations are tough to control, but with a little love and a lot of practice and care, there can be freedom in the formula.

My intention was, and is to help people and bring a smile to their face: because I care.

More than just a simple retail store. More than just a pharmacy. Michael has a passion for people - a passion for his patients, and though they work with a small team of pharmacists, each is more dedicated than the next to providing the best care for each customer that walks in their door. “This is a part of our legacy. We have been supporting our communities by supporting schools and local charities. We have been involved with the Laguna Hills High School charity, Laguna Niguel Soccer Teams, the International Society for Children with Cancer, and more.”

Small businesses often raise the bar on service. With more dedicated, caring staff, and owners who actually care about what products are selling off their shelves, and to whom. Seena has one of the most incredible pharmaceutical reputations out there, with five-star reviews littering their Yelp page. Customers rave - “the most personal pharmacy in Orange County,” “no need to leave a message and wait for days, I recommend them highly!”. On and on they go. The last chain pharmacy I went to struggled for their three stars. Some, after coming home from experiencing more atrocious customer service, I find only two stars. Abysmal. Unnecessary, when you think about the ease with which the pharmacists serve their clients at Seena. “My intention was, and is to help people and bring a smile to their face: because I care”, Michael says with a smile. That’s plenty enough to impress even me.

Seena Pharmacy is located at 24731 Alicia Parkway, Suite B in Laguna Hills. For info, call (949) 462-9700.