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Playing the Percentages and Paying It Forward with Sheri Normandin, Pacific Sotheby’s International

The last time I spoke with Sheri, she was crushing customer service one real estate client at a time in Orange County, managing expectations and maximizing her results.

I noted that it was rare to find something that you were both talented in and passionate about; in fact, despite corporate spending reaching the $100 billion mark last year in training and $1 billion plus in “employee engagement,” a Deloitte Study showed that less than 35% of the U.S. workforce actually felt engaged at work.

That means 68% of Americans feel the opposite, or something close to the opposite of Sheri, every day at the office. “I go beyond what is expected, which changes with each client. Selling or buying a home can be an emotional experience, and making it as positive as possible is my goal.”
Pacific Sotheby’s International has made it their business to enrich the client experience: in fact, even moving beyond borders. “It’s easy to feel satisfied when you’re working toward a shared goal,” Sheri notes, “when your job title is literally Agent of Change, you start to look at everything with renewed meaning.”

34122 Chula Vista Drive, Dana Point34122 Chula Vista Drive, Dana PointA certification that enables realtors like Sheri to build and gift homes to impoverished people around the world, the Agents of Change title comes with a certain set of responsibilities. Every home sold by an agent like Sheri means a donation is given toward constructing the next home on the list; the next home that will inevitably change the lives of those that move into it. Since 2017, Pacific Sotheby’s has already raised over $150,000 to fund the building of homes in Tijuana, Mexico. One of the poorest communities, in one of the most impoverished cities in the world.

normandin2Earning top sales awards is one thing. And one thing that Sheri does well, I might add. But “top marks are that much more rewarding when they’re earning floors, and windows, and walls for a family that needs them.” I couldn’t agree more. With a background in negotiation and marketing, Sheri navigates the fluctuations of the market as only a consummate professional would, full time. Having an agent who is bound and determined to help you find the right space is the main difference between buying a house, and finding your home. A disparity much like that between those who feel engaged at work and those who don’t.

“Not all agents can provide that vision. I look for areas I can make the process easier for my clients and actively take things off their plate to reduce stress.” The market can feel out of reach for both buyers and sellers, regardless of what kind of market it is at the time. “The needs of a buyer are vastly different than those of a seller,” she says. “Attempting to forecast what may or may not happen over years to come takes an intuition built from years and years of closely paying attention. That’s where my mission to provide hyper-responsive customer service comes in.”

28412 Camino La Ronda, San Juan Capistrano28412 Camino La Ronda, San Juan CapistranoAnd her attention to detail pays off. “Down to the last dial and knob, the paint color and the cabineture - each detail means the world to my clients. Additionally, knowing that each decision they are making impacts a family in an impoverished area drives my passion for each day’s work.”

“I’m also uniquely situated to welcome folks in as well, since I was exactly where they are when I first came to Orange County to buy a house for myself,” says Sheri. “Whatever their individual goals, I’m deeply interested in helping my clients find their way into the home they’ll call their own.”