Gina Lauren Interiors  Residential & Commercial Design A Listening Ear and an Eye for Design

Gina Lauren Interiors Residential & Commercial Design A Listening Ear and an Eye for Design

Stephen R. Covey, one of my favorite authors (nerd alert) famously wrote that “most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” I have met many of these people. I am sure you have as well. Lesser often though, are the ones you meet in the camp of understanding. Even with very few words spoken.

A great many things can come from a good listening ear: the least of which offers clearer communication and a sense of settlement for all parties involved. That feeling of settlement and contentedness cannot be overstated. Which was why when you meet Gina Lauren Hacken (who owns her own interior design studio in Tustin) and she turns out to be an avid listener above almost everything else, you will quickly realize that you’ve finally found the person who would help you get to the root of what you want to change about the functionality and unique style of your personal living space. Gina specializes in residential interior design, kitchen and bath design, furniture, flooring, accessorizing and window treatments.

2018 09 07 12.08My husband and I certainly could have used her help when moved into our “new” family home a few years ago. We struggled to come up with a cohesive plan for the interior: one especially that would match the tone and tenor of the exterior of the house. We wavered between casual and classic or a stunning, but incredibly-difficult-to-execute (for us) Tuscan countryside aesthetic. We’d poured over interior design books and my Pinterest board was littered with photos of the two, but somehow, the putting together of individual pieces just never gave us that contented feeling we were searching for. What we needed then was the assistance of an interior design professional like Gina who could help us articulate our vision.

“The foundation for each project I take on begins with listening to the client first,” says Gina. “I use this foundation for the design relationship, transforming the details of my client’s dreams into their everyday reality.” With services ranging from commercial to residential, and from simple tasks such as window treatments to full-fledged concept execution (down to artwork selection!) Gina Lauren Interiors is out to change the scope of design services. “I’ve worked for world-renowned companies, and done all the classes, but I wanted to see a wider range of clients: everyday people who may just need help with a color consultation, all the way to the full scope design renovations my background was in.”

It was in her early studies of Western and Near Eastern Art History that her passion for interior design evolved, eventually leading to a Bachelor’s in French + Art History, and a second in Interior Design. Taking inspiration from her travels all over the world, her business savvy, and the direction of several well-known interior design mentors, Gina cultivated relationships with both domestic and international clients. Applying her knowledge and visual talent to projects was a no-brainer, and working with those who came to her for advice quickly turned into space planning, furniture and accessory procurement, and final installation.

“We always start with a custom floor plan, ensuring the space of each room is designed to its fullest potential.”

Whether you have a specific color in mind, or are completely undecided, Gina can assist with choosing each motif and theme.

“Looking to switch out your sofa pillows, or interested in highlighting the new buffet in your dining room? We never overlook scale and proportion, and can address everything from a simple corner of the house to an entire space,” says Gina. “We believe good design should be accessible, no matter what the budget. Everyone should have a beautiful and comfortable home.” And it starts with listening. “We begin with your dreams and ideas, and then we let quality, passion, talent, connection, and knowledge fill in the rest.”

PastedGraphic 1236Gina can be reached directly by calling (858) 220-5264 or visit