Changing Lives (and Smiles) at Hales Parker Dentistry

Changing Lives (and Smiles) at Hales Parker Dentistry

Very few working professionals can say that they care for someone specific their entire life. Very few can say that those they care for bring their families along, or that they end up spending time responding to their client’s needs with engineering, artistry, and clear communication.

And I’ll bet that if I asked you right now what field you thought I was referring to, you wouldn’t think dentistry first. Dr. Lincoln Parker, DMD has made it his life’s work to change what people see in their mind’s eye when they think of the dentist. Turns out, it’s a wonderful field to be in.

Back in 2013, Dr. Parker ran with a new idea: to create a sense of community in an industry that brought positive change for those that worked in it, sought care in it, and created their lives in the surrounding space. Parker Dentistry began with a vision for more: and more is exactly what they’ve received. “We’ve been able to care for so many wonderful people since the practice initially opened,” says Dr. Parker. “Individuals who have become more than just customers, clients. Friends and family come here, and have responded so wholeheartedly to the work we’re doing that we had to search out another dentist to join the office.” Taking care of people for work is a huge blessing to Dr. Parker and his new partner, Dr. Tyler Hales, DDS. Creating a legacy of real restorative work is no small challenge, but with their combined talents and passions (cosmetics, development, airway, sleep apnea!) life-improving treatment goes far beyond any other typical commitment.



Their combined expertise and scope of services covers virtually all aspects of the dental field from cosmetic dentistry (porcelain veneers, dental implants, Invisalign clear braces, same day porcelain crowns, teeth whitening), sedation dentistry, general and family dentistry and orthodontics to restorative dentistry, TMJ treatment, sleep apnea treatment, gum disease treatment and emergency dentistry.

“Our competition is not other dental offices, but the perception of what a dental office is, or can be,” says Dr. Parker. “My team is what helps change that perception.” With a consistent drive to improve, the folks at Hales Parker Dentistry train to streamline their communication and clinical skills, leading to an exceptional experience both in and out of the chair. “I can truly say it is a joy to work every day alongside our group of professionals. People are what give me joy, so having a team full of people who come to work intending on changing lives makes an enormous impact on everyone we come into contact with.”

Scores of happy clients have been so pleased with their experience here that they’ve taken the time to share their positive comments: “Best dentist I’ve ever been to, hands down,” Michael L. posted on Yelp and Heather G.’s review reveals that “Dr. Parker and his team have been exceptional! I was a very fearful patient and from the first interaction, everyone has been compassionate, friendly, professional and understanding of my previous experiences that caused my fears. I never imagined that dentistry could be easy or virtually painless …”

It all started with Dr. Parker’s own family dentist, Dr. Kris Robinson. “He was friendly, humble, nice, and full of hilarious Dad-jokes.” Not your typical mad-scientist-like-crazy in a lab coat, as the media often depict dentists. “I got the sense he really cared about me. I remember the feeling of walking into that office, a setting which can be terribly awkward and intimidating, and he made it personable.” Hales Parker has taken a page out of that book, and run with it. Asking about your parents, kids, siblings, school, work: car trouble to community activism. You name it, they’re invested. “Some of our clients stay with us for decades! What kind of people would we be if we didn’t connect with them?”

Any relationship founded on trust takes time, and no less so when it’s an issue as sensitive as your smile. “I learned to serve as a kid, and to look at the community with open eyes as an undergrad, when I volunteered at a domestic violence shelter. It really impacted me talking and hanging out with the kids of these women who were in this situation. You had to move slowly, take your time and really let them come to you.” Dr. Parker still has a heart for the community, donating all of the office proceeds from professional whitening for four months of the year to charity. Over the years, they’ve raised more than $30,000. “What we do is humbling, it is special, and it is what dentistry should be.” I couldn’t agree more.

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