Building Quality with  J & M General Contractors

Building Quality with J & M General Contractors

There may be nothing more frustrating than finally deciding to pull the trigger on a residential or commercial renovation project, only to be stalled by a contractor who is overcommitted on too many projects or simply doesn’t give their customers the care and compassion they deserve when embroiled in what may be the longest or most stressful weeks or months of their lives. The best help, sometimes, can simply be from neighbors willing to lend a helping hand. That’s how J & M General Contractors got their start. They’ve been treating their clients like neighbors since inception.

Owned and operated by Veterans who began by repairing things like Marine helicopters (James Scheinoha) and multi-million-dollar nuclear Navy submarines (Michael Zellmer) and now led by a Marine pilot (Theodore Martin). Once leaving active duty, their passion for construction evolved from honey-do lists and helping neighbors with home repair into a successful business model. Although J & M was incorporated in 2012, they have been in business in various forms since 1990. While J & M continues to focus on commercial construction projects, Vector Construction has developed into a burgeoning residential business model.

“Quality work, excellent customer service, attention to detail, and great value set us apart from our competitors,” says Theodore Martin. “That’s the core reason why J & M has survived and thrived the cycle of booms and busts in the economy and construction.”

Depositphotos 8677894 originalHaving one company handle everything from planning, design/engineering to execution and site management certainly doesn’t hurt either. You name it, J & M takes care of their clients - from inception to completion. Vector’s residential offerings include kitchen and bathroom remodel, room additions, patio covers, stucco walls, siding and driveway installation and repair. Even windows and doors. Electrical upgrades. Painting. As always, J & M can handle that electrical repair or power panel upgrade, and also design, reconfigure, or repair shared work spaces, offices, break rooms, and more. They’ll even grind or repair concrete inside or outside your commercial space, and take care of upgrading the paint when it’s seen one too many sunny California days.

My parents began a project on their house when I was a freshman in high school. Every meal I prepared myself that year was done under the cover of our back patio. Our kitchen was under construction for an entire school calendar cycle. When we finally moved back inside, we discovered the full gamut of problems; from cabinets that had been mismeasured, to the wrong glass showing up on their front porch to be installed in those same mismeasured cabinets. They remodeled their living room, and the family room too. By my freshman year in college, I came home on large holidays to the final picture frames going back up on the walls.

Those were different times and perhaps some of it may have been my parent’s slow negotiations - clearly, they knew what they wanted. But surely, the amount of hassle and headache could have been minimized by working with a more qualified contractor. A quality contractor.

Active in the National Independent Business owners and a Coldwell Banker Concierge member. J & M’s commitment to community and quality doesn’t stop at the front door of their projects, the support and are active member in Orange County Veterans, OC Team RWB, OC Veteran Business Network, Veterans Legal Institute and the American Legion Newport Harbor Post 291, the gentlemen at J & M are busy spreading neighborly care everywhere they go. Sounds like the fellows at J & M ascribe to the wisdom of one of the most famous neighbors of all time: Mr. Rogers. Finding quality in anything often comes from “treating our ‘neighbor’ at least as well as we treat ourselves and allowing that to inform everything that we produce.”

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