Death and Taxes

Last will and testament

Will Rogers once said that the only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets. At the risk of contradicting an American icon, in some cases, Congress has allowed Death Taxes to get better, rather than worse. Ever since President Ronald Reagan signed the landmark Kemp-Roth Tax Cut […]

Discovering Mexico’s Copper Canyon

Tarahumara and Hotel Mirador

Adventure, comfort and defying fear in Mexico’s Sierra Madre by Betsy Sanz My 10-year-old daughter was about to step off the edge of a sheer cliff, with nothing but 100 feet of air between her and the bottom of a canyon, deep in Mexico’s Sierra Madres. What, I asked myself, was I thinking? If her […]

San Clemente Villas by the Sea

San Clemente Villas

By Bill Koelzer  San Clemente Villas by the Sea (“The Villas”) is an Assisted Living Community in South Orange County which looks, inside and out, like a fine hotel. But step inside, and it feels like home where the residents share the warm relationships of family and enjoy the comforts and amenities that abound. The […]

Ricardo’s Place: Family roots and commitment to community defines this iconic San Juan Capistrano restaurant

By Jody Robinson Early in my writing career, I had the opportunity to interview many successful entrepreneurs for an OC-based regional business/lifestyle publication. While the scope of the featured businesses was diverse, the owner/operators all shared an unerring passion for their profession and a common belief that “if you love what you do, the money […]

Waiting for dental Insurance? Please don’t, here’s why..

By Robert K. Faber, D.D.S. It seems like every day I meet someone who tells me they haven’t seen a dentist “because they don’t have dental insurance”. Their perception apparently is that Dental Insurance provides a sort of Free Money for dental care, or that keeping one’s mouth healthy is not worth spending money on […]

Business Borrowing Basics

By C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas Bankers frequently get calls from entrepreneurs looking for capital for their business. They are looking to borrow money to fund their operation. Many banks, probably most if not all, want to see a track record before they lend to a “newer” company. If the loan is larger, they will want […]