Breaking free from the big box for your perfect home theater system

When you started planning for your ultimate home theater set-up and sound system, did you plot your perfect flat screen location and find that the outlets were placed at exactly the right distance, with the perfect electrical scenario for everything you wanted to do? Could you find the right media cabinetry for your particular space […]

Artist Susan Jarecky

Landscape is just the beginning for painter Susan Jarecky. Known for her unique and passionate ability to mix immediate impressions of the plein air outdoors with relevant social commentary, Susan’s work is all about bringing awareness. “As an artist I’m documenting and telling a story,” she says. “The overall concept is biographical. I’m a Western […]

Peter Bennett – San Clemente High School

San Clemente High was ecstatic to nominate Peter Bennett as our Standout Student and had this to say about him: Peter Bennett is a very dedicated student. He is a member of the yearbook team, the water polo team and strives for academic excellence. He is an IB diploma candidate, although aside from academics, he […]

San Juan Capistrano Relay for Life

The Annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life will be held on Saturday, June 29th and Sunday June 30th at the Sports Park (1 Via Postiva) in San Juan Capistrano. 100% of the money raised this event is returned to the area where it was raised in the form of medical research to help find […]

Casanova Ristorante

Picture this: you, sitting next to your date, looking cute, sipping on some perfectly suggested wine, about to indulge in a fragrant, flavorful dish of ravioli. This is the kind of ravioli that will ruin all other ravioli for you. We’re talking homemade, four cheese Ravioli aiFunchi Porcini or a signature Lobster Ravioli. Either one […]

Trust Administration: How Can I Keep It Simple?

Across the country, accountants and attorneys who administer trusts are hearing the same question more and more often: “If I don’t have any tax to avoid, why do I have to split my trust in half just because my spouse died?” Unfortunately, the answer is simple- When your spouse dies, you may have to divide […]

Weight Loss & Obesity

Q: How do I know if I’m overweight, and what is a ‘BMI’? A: Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple screening tool for obesity. Its calculated using your weight (kg)/ [height in meters] ², and it helps estimate your degree of body fat. A BMI > 30 is considered obese in an adult. Keep […]

Kelly, Help!

Q: My husband has our children every other weekend and ignores any consistent schedule or rules we originally set for them when we were married. He has the income to splurge on fun activities and they return Sunday night hyper and difficult to redirect back into our routine. What can I do to convince my […]

Test Your Health Care Reform Knowledge

Fact or Fiction: Everyone is guaranteed issue in 2014 and beyond. Fact! There will no longer be any medical underwriting for policies written for an effective date of January 1, 2014 and beyond. Fact or Fiction: Open enrollment for 2014 is October 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014. Fact! The open enrollment periods have been […]

Gyrokinesis® at Align Pilates

At Align Pilates Center, we are committed to fostering health and wellness through proper exercise, not just fitness. While Pilates and yoga are the most commonly practiced mind/body exercise methods, Gyrokinesis® is another method that is rapidly graining popularity that can produce similarly profound results. Developed by former dancer Juliu Horvath, Gyrokinesis® is a unique […]