Witness for the Execution

The other day, my law clerk placed a document on my desk that we both knew upon cursory review would prove highly problematic for our client. It was a will drafted by an attorney that had been executed without witnesses, only a notary. Which means that in spite of the best intentions of the individual […]

Kelly, Help!Q & A with Kelly Klaus, LMFT

Question: How do I handle the situation when the visiting parent refuses to talk to the custodial parent? Putting all the pressure on the child to ask –“Mom he asked if I can go visit…” or “Mom he asked if I can go here…” – Beth, Mission Viejo Answer: Without knowing the dynamics of your […]

Pilates and Cross Training

Cross training defined: a painful extension of your already painful workout routine. Okay, maybe that’s not Webster’s definition, but it is usually the first image that comes to mind when a trainer recommends “feeling the burn” with a hard core cross training session. Wrong. If anything, cross training should be therapeutic, a break from the […]

What’s Covered by Medicare: Preventative Services

When an individual first enrolls in Medicare Part B, they have 12 months to obtain an Initial Preventive Physical Examination (IPPE). This exam is a onetime preventative visit and not to be confused with an Annual Wellness Visit that follows annually or a “routine physical check- up” that some seniors may receive every year or […]

Wealth Managers Stan Bruno Sr. & Jr.

With over 40 years of collective experience, this father-and-son team of financial planners helps clients prepare for their financial future. When we sat down to interview Stan Bruno Sr. and Stan Bruno, Jr. (the father-and-son team of financial planners for Royal Alliance Associates Inc.) for this cover feature, one of the first questions we asked […]

This Alma Matters

I’m a picky person. I only want the best for my customers, especially the ones covered in fur. I’m happy to announce that I found a great new team member to join Wig Wag. Although she’s new to the grooming scene (March of 2012), she works like a seasoned pro. Please help me welcome the […]

Backstreet Home Decor

Artist (noun). Webster’s defines an “artist” as “one who applies creative imagination and skill in the making of beautiful things. One who creates art.” Old Daniel would be very proud of his definition if he saw Susan Smith at work in her design room at Backstreet Home Decor. He would know that he got it […]