Happy 50th Anniversary Medicare!

by Stephanie Frisch Most people don’t realize the age of the Medicare program. It was first launched in 1965 along with Medicaid, with the first full year of enrollment being 1966. Think back to what our world was like in 1965: The average life expectancy was 70.2 years, average cost of a new home was […]

Enrolling in Medicare after 65

by Stephanie Frisch Many people are enrolling later into full Medicare (Part A is automatic at 65) because they’re working longer or taking advantage of employer sponsored health insurance through a younger spouse. The process of enrolling in Medicare Part B and what to expect before and after the enrollment differs for these people than […]

Understanding and Surviving Network Confusion

by Stephanie Frisch Do you have Blue Shield PPO? Did you buy it directly through Blue Shield or did you apply for it through Covered California. Have you ever been told that the doctor you want to see takes Blue Shield PPO but NOT Covered California Blue Shield PPO? The biggest challenge that I see […]

Staying on top of “Wellness” with Medicare

By Stephanie Frisch For many, a new year means a commitment to their health. It’s important to be current on what your Medicare benefits cover and the current screening schedules for routine testing. During the first 12 months of activating their Medicare Part B, new Medicare beneficiaries should utilize their “Welcome to Medicare” preventative visit […]

A New Option for New Medicare Eligibles

by Stephanie Frisch When someone goes active with Medicare Part A and B they generally have two choices to make to round out their coverage. They either choose a Medicare supplemental plan (also known as Medi-gap) and a stand-alone prescription drug plan, or, they can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that generally offers a […]

What’s Good about the “New” Health Insurance?

by Stephanie Frisch I had 8 years of experience as a health insurance broker when I had to be “re-programmed” to learn and completely digest and understand the new world of insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Negativity and rumors swirled, and I tried (and still try) to stay positive and keep the change about […]

Open Enrollment with the Health Insurance Marketplace: One Year Later, One Year Wiser

by Stephanie Frisch It was uncharted territory last year. There were hiccups, glitches, rumors, misinformation, you name it. One year later I have 200-plus enrollments completed. Some “On-Exchange” via Covered California and some “Off-Exchange” which means helping my clients apply directly to the insurance carrier for their insurance if they made too much money to […]

Medicare Part B Premium and Deductible: No Increase in 2015

by Stephanie Frisch If someone has paid into Medicare for 40 quarters, they’ve pay upfront all of their Part A Medicare premiums and pay nothing for the benefit of having it when they turn 65. Part B Medicare premiums are different, they do carry a small monthly premium and next year, premiums for beneficiaries with […]

Something This Big Hasn’t Happened Since 1966

Insurance 101

Something very important happened in 1966 that was so big, it changed how our society took care of its seniors and how people looked at their futures and growing old. It was the introduction of Medicare. It’s taken 47 years to come up with something as big as that transition to our nation’s healthcare, but […]

Preparing to Enter into Medicare

Q & A with Stephanie Frisch, Insurance 101 Q: How do I sign up for Part A & Part B if I’m already on Social Security? A: If you’re already getting benefits from Social Security, you’ll automatically get Part A and Part B starting the first day of the month you turn 65. (If your birthday […]