The First Call

“My husband wanted me to call. We’re selling dad’s house, and we just wanted to confirm that there is no personal liability for my sister Nancy and me as trustees in listing the place.” This question was posed by the daughter of a longtime client who had recently passed away after naming his daughters as […]

Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

When you’re offered dental insurance from an employer, it generally is reasonably priced and what you pay for it monthly makes sense in regards to the amount of benefit you receive. The decision to add dental insurance no longer is a “no-brainer” when someone is responsible for purchasing their own plan; perhaps they’re becoming self-employed, […]

Why Wear a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards protect against : Fractured teeth Knocked out teeth Broken facial bones Lip lacerations (those with braces have a higher risk of this injury). There is a distinct disconnect between parents’ concern for their children’s safety while playing sports and the protective equipment kids currently use in most sports. A child’s mouth and face […]

Standout Student: Ryan and Kaitlyn Merritt

Santa Margarita Catholic High School Sean Zeitler, Boys’ Head Track and Cross Country Coach at Santa Margarita High School, submitted a nomination for two “standout students” – Ryan Merritt, a senior, and his younger sister, Kaitlyn, a sophomore with the following recommendation: “Ryan has been a varsity starter on the basketball team all four years […]

Standout Student: Gabriela McGann

San Clemente High School San Clemente High School had this to say about this feature student: “When it comes to being a very gifted student, Gabriela McGann stands out. Gabriela has the passion to learn, which gives her the drive to excel academically. She is an IB diploma candidate. Besides her incredible academic achievements Gabriela […]

Savannah Chop House Sunday Champagne Brunch (Hybrid)

Buffet Hybrid (n) – A meal consisting of unlimited courses at a set price which combines two different service elements: Buffet + Table Service Savannah Chop House has long enjoyed a reputation for creative and delicious “American Regional cuisine” and excellent, unobtrusive service. Now the iconic eatery introduces an innovative “Sunday Champagne Brunch (Hybrid)” – […]

Patriotic Power Solutions

In today’s challenging economic climate, here’s a low-risk investment that’s guaranteed to pay off: solar energy. Thanks to our abundant sunshine, there’s no better way to reduce your energy costs, consumption, and carbon footprint. With Patriotic Power Solutions, not only is solar energy is more efficient and cost-effective than ever, but the Aliso Viejo-based provider […]

Pacific Water Solutions

Growing up in rural Idaho, I was lucky enough to live in a house that got its water from a well. My family never worried about chemicals like chlorine, calcium, magnesium or sediment like those found in the municipal water supply. I’ve heard so many people say they drink bottled water as a solution, but […]

The Beveled Edge

Who would have thought such a (relatively) small change could completely transform the look and curb appeal of a home? In just a few hours and for less than the price of a new entry door system, Norton and Vicki Canterbury, owners of The Beveled Edge, start with a homeowner’s existing door, cut out a […]

Align Pilates Center

Focused on the quality of movement, not just quantity of exercise There’s nothing worse than being excited to start a new fitness class but then immediately feel bad because you don’t know what you’re doing and there’s no one to point you in the right direction. I, for one, have found myself totally lost and […]