Pacific Paradise Pools

by Jody Robinson photography by Lana Farfan, Caught in the Moment Photography Let’s talk about reasons to install a pool or update an outdated backyard. I don’t mean how incredible swimming pools are for increasing the value of your home or in the case of updating your pool, for energy savings … I’m talking about […]

Yoga and Your Faith

by Nicole Howard and Cara Fraser “Does yoga go against my faith?” If you are strong in your beliefs this is an important question to ask. We get asked it often here at APC. Our philosophy is that a healthy mind, body and spirit are vital in achieving a good quality of life. And we […]

The Truth about Feng Shui

by Donna Hunnicutt Feng Shui is so often misunderstood as a complicated, mystical, and “woo-woo” way to decorate your home. But the truth is that it is actually a very simple, effective and logical concept in design, once we understand how and why it works to bring positive energy flow to our environment – and […]

Happy 50th Anniversary Medicare!

by Stephanie Frisch Most people don’t realize the age of the Medicare program. It was first launched in 1965 along with Medicaid, with the first full year of enrollment being 1966. Think back to what our world was like in 1965: The average life expectancy was 70.2 years, average cost of a new home was […]

Understanding Sleep Apnea

By Scott E. West, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. Diplomat of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines Recently in the media there has been a lot of buzz about Sleep Apnea. I would like to clear up some of the mystery surrounding this important medical issue and hopefully leave you with a better understanding as to cause, […]

ReelTime Sight & Sound

Breaking free from the big box for your perfect home theater system by Betsy Sanz cover photography by Melisa Chandler, Chandler Photography When you started planning for your ultimate home theater set-up and sound system, did you plot your perfect flat screen location and find that the outlets were placed at exactly the right distance, […]

6 Reasons why Pilates and Yoga are Amazing!

by Nicole Howard and Cara Fraser There are millions of reasons why one should do pilates and yoga, but these six keep many coming back class after class, creating a life long practice for the body and soul. 1. Exercise This is a no brainer. Pilates and yoga are exercise. And obviously the benefits of […]

Banking for the Smaller Business

by C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas Small businesses are receiving a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. America’s small businesses have created the majority of new jobs over the last decade and, in past downturns, it’s been small business growth that has pulled us out of recession. South Orange County is no exception. […]

Enrolling in Medicare after 65

by Stephanie Frisch Many people are enrolling later into full Medicare (Part A is automatic at 65) because they’re working longer or taking advantage of employer sponsored health insurance through a younger spouse. The process of enrolling in Medicare Part B and what to expect before and after the enrollment differs for these people than […]

Helen Lao Baxter, Carsmetics Orange County

As a highly successful female executive and entrepreneur, in the largely male-dominated automotive industry, Helen Lao Baxter is certainly no stranger to overcoming stereotypes and creating career opportunities for herself and for others. Recently appointed Marketing Executive and Partner for Carsmetics Orange County, a brand specializing in expert auto body repair, Helen adopts the same […]