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It’s no surprise why Wig-Wag Dog Grooming is a favorite of San Juan Capistrano residents. Is it because groomer and owner Liana Brown and her team make absolutely sure that your dog is the only star of the show while its being groomed? Perhaps. Is it because Wig-Wag offers a variety of types and techniques that many other groomers do not? Very likely.

“We offer Japanese grooming styles, which is so much fun for us, the pet, and the owner!” says Liana. “Japanese grooming styles focuses on the cute-factor of the dog, so we can get pretty creative. It’s a great idea for senior dogs, and we recommend if they get a Japanese style they come in every 8 weeks as opposed to 4-6 weeks with regular grooming. It’s been fun to see people’s reactions to the adorable transformation.

Liana adds that another popular technique employed at Wig-Wag is called “carding” for sporting breeds and terriers. The benefit of carding results in a polished, natural look for your pet. It might mean more time and concentration on the part of Wig-Wag’s expert staff, but they says it’s a service absolutely worth your time.

DSCN2997“One of the most exciting and interesting aspects about carding is that it removes the dead undercoat, and the result is a beautiful shine,” says Liana. The fur doesn’t mat, whereas it can when it’s only been clipped. You know, there are so many super talented groomers who are well known for speedy service, but that’s not what we do. We will always offer the traditional styles of grooming, but for those pet owners who are looking for more, we’re happy to showcase our new talents! We think it’s imperative to stay on top of trends and looks for pets.”

Connect with Liana by calling (949) 291-8799. Wig Wag Dog Grooming is located at 32432 Alipaz St. In San Juan Capistrano.

Trusted, tried and true. That’s the reason why United American Mortgage has been successful for over 25 years. Since 1993, UAMC specializes in providing mortgage-financing solutions to homeowners and homebuyers.

You’re almost tired of reading about it but it’s true: the mortgage meltdown hurt more than a few and people are still trying to recover. It’s hard to know whom to trust. With many mortgage companies competing and failing, UAMC has found itself expanding into 9 states. Originally formed to provide for the specific needs of Southern California borrowers seeking mortgage products tailored for them, UAMC has made it their personalized business to get to know and help you.

“We’ve grown substantially because we have the ability to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace,” says UAMC President Al W. Hensling. “We are in the home business, the helping-people business. Yes, it requires us to at times work around the clock. Yes, we have to keep up-to-date on the latest products and regulations. We take our clients and what we do seriously because at the end of the day, everyone should either be in the home of their dreams or keep the one they love so much. To some people, it’s just paperwork and numbers. But to us, it’s personal. It’s home.”

Their incredibly impressive, rare, referral-only business model may also be the key to understanding their success, as customers flock just to see if UAMC truly walks the walk. To them, offering you efficient, cost-effect and timely service is just a day’s business. These days, most companies feel the need to plaster those words all over their advertisements. UAMC doesn’t need to express that they go above and beyond, they just think that it should come standard. “I guess you could say we just want to help how we can. Since our business is referral based, we truly get to know your family and friends.

happy wht familyUAMC continues to evolve with new products and financing solutions to the ever-changing Southern California real estate market. While many have given up the idea of owning a home or even refinancing, UAMC holds to the knowledge that today’s new and innovative programs are making it easier than ever to purchase or refinance.

“After a period of time in which it was extremely difficult to obtain a mortgage, things have started to normalize and lending guidelines are starting to loosen,” says Al. “The ‘Mortgage Meltdown’ created a great deal of uncertainty in the marketplace and made it difficult for so many to secure financing. We understand that a lot of people are scared to see where they stand and that’s ok. We just want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Most of our clients feel the same way. Some people tell us they didn’t even want to find out about their options in the first place because they didn’t understand the jargon. Well, we aren’t the company that just explains things once. We’re with you step by step, no matter what.”

“If you’re considering anything in our sector then consider us the right team for the job,” Al says. “Call us, visit us online, or stop by the office anytime. We’re always on standby to see how we can help you. Don’t let the mortgage meltdown of yesterday affect where you’re at today. We’ve got the cutting edge techniques and knowledge to help your unique situation. We’re ready to meet your challenges and assist you into getting or keeping your home!

As the economy continues to grow and we experience job growth, more families will have an opportunity to experience the ben- efits of home ownership.

“As the Economy continues to grow and we experience job growth, more families will have an opportunity to experience the benefits of home ownership. Clients always ask what is going to happen to interest rates. I really wish I had that crystal ball to answer them accurately. It is difficult to say what rates will do, as markets have not reacted to this economy as they had previously. I counsel clients to borrow based on need and what they can afford. Loan programs are changing almost daily. As we move farther away from the mortgage meltdown of 2008, more and more programs and financing options will open up. But always be wary of the deal that sounds too good to be true. Even though recent changes have cleaned up the lending industry, there are still people out there that are not looking out for the client’s best interest. Families should always determine the experience level of their mortgage professional, along with checking references from previous clients.”

Hensling DStylePhoto 23 1 3Al Hensling is President of United American Mortgage of Irvine. Connect with Al and his team by calling (800) 708-5626 x110 or by emailing him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Visit to view their mortgage calculators to get a head-start. You can also apply online, get a custom quote and read more about the loan programs they offer. If you’ve never had a loan before, consider their handy ‘Loan Process’ tool. They take you step-by-step through what you can expect when applying for and receiving a loan.

tea house logoPerfectly situated between the hustle of Los Angeles and the bustle of San Diego, the historic Los Rios District lies just off the I-5 freeway in San Juan Capistrano. Originally settled by Juanenos Indians allowed to live outside the mission compound, this idyllic town has grown over the years, but still retains its old town charm. Some of the original homes built still house relatives of the early settlers, generations later. A surprise gem for tourists and locals alike, Los Rios is no stranger to its own delights - including an immensely popular tea salon and boutique. Founded by the Niccola family, the Tea House has remained a family owned and operated business building relationships one cup at a time since its inception 20 years ago.

teahouse Fotor

“Our guests are treated like family, given an intimate and welcoming experience such as you might have at home on the holidays, within a quaint and elegant setting built to enhance your enjoyment.” The beautifully quaint tea house and salon, gorgeous verandah and picturesque gardens provide an atmosphere ideal for bridal and baby showers, women’s group meetings, corporate luncheons, anniversary celebrations and office parties with a bit of panache.

16508454 1235980816450186 692487539271961670 nDon’t let the “tearoom” part fool you; their menu arguably outshines the décor (and that’s saying something). In addition to traditional tea and fare (scones, pastries, finger sandwiches), the Tea House offers a full lunch menu (and weekend brunch) of handcrafted soups, salads and hearty sandwiches, as well as delicious, traditional English entrees with a contemporary California twist (including a tender and flavorful rosemary roasted chicken, baked-to-order shepherd’s pie and - a Tea House favorite - an authentic Bombay chicken curry with peanuts, shredded coconut, dried apricots and golden raisins service on bed of seasoned rice). All their breads are made in-house and the extraordinary desserts are almost as beautiful as they are delicious. If you only take one thing away from the Tea House, perhaps consider making it a scone with their Early California Cream, a treat for which they have become famous or a freshly baked coconut cake with pecans.

Whether you are planning an intimate gathering in a beautiful garden setting or the use of a private room or exclusive use of the verandah for a corporate function, the Tea House staff takes pride in offering personalized special events defined by simple elegance, unsurpassed service and an atmosphere unlike any other.

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“Fresh, local ingredients, made-from-scratch sauces, and home-baked goodness awaits each guest every day: be it a special event or simply our daily tea.” If you’re looking for the full experience, High Tea services will take you away to another time. Any way you look at it, the Tea House on Los Rios is ready to make each moment a sippable delicacy.

The Tea House on Los Rios is located at 31731 Los Rios Street in San Juan Capistrano.

For information or reservations, call (949) 443-3914 or visit

Have you been thinking of transitioning your toddler to preschool but aren’t sure if your child is ready? Even though you are your toddler’s first and most important teacher, it may be time for your little learner to explore the world, meet new friends, and gain knowledge that will be with your child forever.

Why is Preschool Important?

Preschoolers must explore, experiment, and make discoveries for themselves through playful interactions with the environment as well as with other people in order to make sense of their world. With a preschool that promotes STEM and STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math) curriculums, allow children to engage in fun hands-on activities at a very young age. With an early start your little one will be well prepared for the many years of learning to come.

Here is a checklist to see if your little one meets the criteria for starting preschool.

Is Your Child Potty Trained?

Your child can attend most preschools sometime after their second birthday. Potty training is an important step toward being preschool-ready. Check with the director at school for guidelines and tips on toilet training readiness or plan to attend a local potty training workshop.

Problems With Separation Anxiety?

Has your child had the opportunity to spend time away from you? It’s natural for a preschooler to initially cling to parents in a new setting, but most learn to quickly let go and enjoy joining the group. When choosing a new preschool, consider taking a tour of the facility with your child. This will help to introduce them to the new faces and surroundings they’ll be experiencing on a daily basis and help you look for signs that the preschool is a good fit.

Does Your Child Engage in Routines?

It’s no surprise that a preschool curriculum is set up with daily routines. Daily routines are important for helping to support your child’s sense of security and understanding of their world. If your child is used to routines at home, then this transition will be most likely be an easy one. Most children are resilient and will easily adapt to new routines.

When you’re considering whether your child is ready for preschool, next ask yourself - does your child play well with others and are they able to share toys? Practicing these skills at home and in a public setting, like out at parks, is a great way to prepare.

Is Your Child Practicing Daily Living Skills?

Can your child wash their hands alone? Are they attempting to dress themselves? These are skills a good preschool will support in partnership with parents. Ask if your prospective preschool curriculum includes a focus on autonomy skills.

Is Your Child Ready for Exploration and Discovery?

Preschool is an amazing time for a young child, full of rich learning experiences, meeting new friends and socialization. All children are eager to learn at this young age. An ideal preschool will provide your child with a world of new learning opportunities intended to connect them to their unique interests and abilities.

StratfordSchoolLogo horizontal stack

If you have answered yes to most of the questions above, then your youngster is most likely ready to take on preschool. As part of our commitment to the future of our youngest generation, Stratford School provides a balanced STEAM curriculum starting in preschool in order to instill a lifetime love of learning. To learn more about Stratford School go to

Faithful to Catholic values, The Parish School at St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church sustains an evolving schoolwide learning environment that inspires each learner to achieve his or her God-given potential inside and outside the classroom. Always learning, The Parish School graduates are confident and compassionate young men and women who will make a difference.

Our Parish School is #AlwaysLearning. Our learners don’t just memorize math equations or recite spelling words. They ask questions. They explore. We want them to love not just school – but the process of learning. And learning comes not just through doing things right, but through doing things wrong. We develop resilient, innovative learners who try, grow and achieve.

The Parish School utilizes a standard-based curriculum aligned to the Roman Catholic Church teachings which prepares our learners for high school and beyond. Our faculty and staff continually expose learners to meaningful hands-on experiences, resulting in thoughtful risk-tasking, problem solving and collaboration.

Not only do we boast an impressive 11:1 instructor-to-student ratio, but we have a unique classroom format. The Lower School is the first in the Diocese to use Departmentalized Platooning. Each class moves as a unit between three classrooms, with a teacher focused on just two subjects. The result – a richer learning experi­ence and expert teachers.

In the Upper School, each learner has eight periods daily on a Waterfall Schedule, the standard for many high schools. The classes are integrated, yet small groups and individualized instruction ensures learners’ needs are met and challenged.

Through our art and music classes and after-school activities like chorus and the Spring Musical, we build creative and confident leaders. And we are one of the only schools to offer Makerspace – a hands-on studio that integrates technology, engineering and creativity with project-based solutions to real-world situations.

Each day, we pray, we serve and we grow in our relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is present in the books we read, the history we teach, and the music we sing. Our learners attend weekly mass, provide mentorship through Prayer Partners and participate in service projects and retreats.

Dec 29, 2017

St. Anne School

Nurture with care. Teach with creativity. Em­brace life. Treasure faith. These are the guid­ing principles that shape St. Anne School, an independent Catholic school, in Laguna Niguel. The school delivers unparalleled academics and broadening extracurricular opportunities designed to challenge, educate, and nurture the whole child in an atmosphere of support and close personal attention, in partnership with parents. St. Anne’s mission is to develop future generations of creative thinkers, innovative problem solvers, effective communicators and emerging leaders, guided by the Catholic faith, to influence our local and global communities for the greater good.

For more than 25 years, St. Anne has stirred a passion for learn­ing in preschool through grade 8 students with stimulating, engaging, and rigorous academics. The learning environment for students is intimate with ideal student/teacher ratios and a commitment to fully developing each child in mind, body, and spirit. The school is dedicated to providing a wide range of educational opportunities to cultivate each student’s individual passions, strengths, character development, and ambitions for the future. St. Anne School’s core curriculum provides students with the knowledge and foundation to succeed in high school and far beyond. With the guidance and dedication of its exceptional faculty, students gain a solid foundation rooted in problem solving, creative expression, leadership, faith, technology, and global citizenship. Imaginations are sparked through hands-on collaboration solving real-world problems. From art to robotics to music to religion to foreign language to athletic classes, there’s something to engage every inquisitive mind both in and outside the classroom.

St. Anne welcomes Preschool – starting at two years of age – through grade 8 students of all faiths.

To schedule a private tour and learn more about St. Anne School, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Kindergarten – grade 8 admission: 949.276.6753

Preschool – Pre-Kindergarten: 949.276.6783

32451 Bear Brand Road
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Capital Bank, a division of Seacoast Commerce Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seacoast Commerce Banc Holdings wecolmes Donald L. Solsby as Senior Vice President and Orange County regional commercial banking manager. Mr. Solsby is a 40+ year financial services veteran with an extensive background in all aspects of banking including business development, commercial lending, middle-market banking, and executive management, for several Orange County banks.

22412 014 x10 DonSolsby“We are extremely honored and excited to have Don join us at our Capital Bank division,” says Richard M. Sanborn, President and Chief Executive Officer. “He is an accomplished senior banking executive with a proven track record of getting results. His strengths in team building, attracting top talent, developing new business, managing key relationships, and representing the company in the community are second to none. There is no better banker to have on your team than Don and we are fortunate to have him with us.”

Mr. Solsby is a member and former Treasurer of the Newport Harbor Yacht Club, and is Treasurer and Board Member of the Cystinosis Research Foundation. Past affiliations include the Orange County Boy Scouts of America Council; The Executive Committee (TEC); former Board President and Treasurer of the Orange County Council on Aging, California Bankers Association, and a founding member of the Pacific Club in Newport Beach.

About Seacoast Commerce Banc Holdings: Seacoast Commerce Banc Holdings is a bank holding company with one wholly-owned banking subsidiary, Seacoast Commerce Bank, which includes Capital Bank, a division of Seacoast Commerce Bank. Both the holding company and the bank are headquartered in San Diego, California, with the Bank having full-service banking branches in Encinitas, National City, San Diego and San Juan Capistrano, California, and loan production offices in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Ramon, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; Las Vegas, Nevada; Austin, Dallas and Houston, Texas; and Bellevue, Washington.


Mr. Solsby can be reached at (949) 322-7996 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Soka University is a private, four-year liberal arts college and graduate school located on 103-acres in Aliso Viejo, California. Soka is ranked in the top 10 liberal arts colleges in California by USA Today and Top 10 Best Value among national liberal arts colleges by US News and World Report’s “Best Colleges 2018.”

The mission of Soka University is to foster a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life. About 60% of Soka University’s students come from the U.S. and 40% have come from more than 45 other countries. Admitted undergraduate students whose annual family income is $60,000 or less may be eligible for Soka Opportunity Scholarships which cover full tuition. Additional scholarship opportunities are available for higher income levels.

All undergraduate students study a non-native language, and everyone studies abroad for a semester during their junior year (included in tuition and required for graduation). Undergraduate students may choose from concentrations in Environmental Studies, Humanities, International Studies or Social and Behavioral Sciences -- with a new Life Sciences Concentration to open in Fall 2020.

Where can a Liberal Arts degree take you? Many places!

For more information e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call us at 949-480-4000, or visit

Founded upon the Buddhist principles of peace, human rights and the sanctity of life, SUA is open to top students of all nationalities and beliefs.

Dec 29, 2017

Pets of the Month


Four year old Alder is a sweet, little guy ready to make new friends.  He loves playing the yard and going on jaunty walks. With his friendly personality and happy smile, Alder can brighten any day!





Armani is a happy little guy with loads of energy.  He just loves to greet you with a wagging tail and tons of kisses.  Only 1 ½ years old, Armani is sure to bring lots of fun into your life.





Ruby is a ten month old spayed female mini-lop who just loves to jump and play. She is very treat motivated and hops up to visitors in hopes of getting a little snack. Ruby will make a wonderful house bunny in a loving home.





Eight month old Peach is a playful kitty looking for her purrever home.  Quite affectionate, Peach loves a good snuggle and a scratch behind the ears.  You can’t go wrong with a sweetie like Peach.




If you would like to know more about the animals listed here, please call the San Clemente/Dana Point Animal Shelter at (949)492-1617, or visit with them at 221 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente.

Jan. 13th, Jan. 27th, Feb. 10th and Feb. 24th & 25th

Featuring more Monster Jam® events than any other city in the country, the 12,000 lb. Monster Jam trucks are ready to roar full throttle back into Angel Stadium of Anaheim with a newly added 5th weekend event – marking the first-ever Sunday event for Southern California fans! Now the most adrenaline-charged motorsports experience for families on the planet returns to Anaheim in 2018 with more action and bigger trucks than ever before ready to battle it out in the ultimate event of speed, racing, stunts and demolition for another season of high-octane weekend events between January 13 – February 25, 2018.

This year’s massive truck lineup features appearances by Monster Jam super-truck icons Grave Digger® and MAX-D™, along with World Finals Champions El Toro Loco®, Son Uva Digger®, Overkill Evolution, Avenger, Bounty Hunter and VP Racing Fuel’s® Mad Scientist. The season is highlighted by five trucks making their Anaheim debut appearances including all-new 2018 season trucks BroDozer (inspired by the popular Discovery Channel TV show “Diesel Brothers”) and Whiplash, along with Mutant and Rammuntion plus the newest member of the Monster Jam beasts family – the menacing giant shark Megalodon.

ElToroLoco yel14 08

Tickets now on sale – all seats are reserved; tickets available for purchase online at or charge by phone at 800-745-3000; tickets also available for purchase in-person at the Angel Stadium box office.