Aging? Make the Most of It – Keep your brain young!

Aging is inevitable, but how we age is a choice

o-MIDDLE-AGED-COUPLE-ON-DATE-facebookby Mary McPherson

As the years start to accumulate and life experiences mount, our brains respond to stress, post traumatic stress (PTSD), head injuries and the loss of loved ones either to death or divorce. These life events negatively rewire our brains and use extensive amounts of energy, subsequently the brain starts to atrophy. This may manifest as a loss of long-term or short-term memory, insomnia or physical symptoms such catching colds more frequently, taking longer to heal from injuries or illness, decreased motor skills, including hand-eye coordination and physical balance.

In past research, scientists claimed that after a certain age our brains atrophy and plasticity loss were irreversible. As the result of a 2008 Stanford study, we now know that the brain can regenerate and new neural connections can bring the brain back into homeostasis. New neurotransmitters can form in many ways in our ever evolving brain. As our Neural Network strengthens, we heal faster, cell rejuvenation results in smother looking skin, better sleep, better memory and many more wonderful benefits.

So how do we get our brain to become a rejuvenating machine?

Laughter really is the best medicine – the brain releases endorphins which serves as a natural antidepressant. If you are feeling depressed, watch funny movies.

Stay intellectually engaged (read and enjoy mental activities such as crossword puzzles, sudoku etc.). One of our clients went back to school at age 67 to pursue an AA degree and passed the Bar with a Law degree at age 72!

Even light physical exercise can release powerful anti-aging endorphins in the brain. Maintaining social and friendship networks. Call old friends. Talk about childhood antics.

Maintain a healthy diet, including omega-3 fatty acids and protective antioxidants.

Maintain social and friendship networks, call old friends. talk about childhood antics.

Here at Awoken Life we use Brainwave OptimizationTM using the HIRREM® technology pioneered by Brain State Technologies® to fine-tune and synchronize the hemispheres and lobes of the brain so that information passes more readily along the neural pathways, enabling us to reset connections.

Of course, it goes without saying that each individual’s brain is uniquely “wired,” in that the neural network of any two people is arranged differently according to each person’s specific genetic makeup and life experiences, including the impact of past trauma.

“Regardless of our unique brain maps, balancing and harmonizing the brain with Brain State’s amazing technology helps almost everyone to improve their ability to remember —sometimes in dramatic ways,” says Brain State(r) Founder Lee Gerdes. “With a balanced and harmonized brain, we begin to reach for our potential and defy the aging process brought on by life’s stresses. When you balance the hemispheres and lobes of your brain, it comes with a bonus. Because the brain controls all of your bodily functions, your entire system ages the way nature intended for you.”

You can’t prevent aging, but you can take steps to ensure that you will age gracefully—mentally and physically.

One happy client, Mission Viejo resident Penny, aged 72, agrees with this assessment and adds that after completing the Awoken Life “Brainwave Optimization” program, her three grown children have made comments independent of one another claiming “The old Penny is back!” There’s a day and night difference!” “You’re so much calmer, so centered,” I’m hearing. And I’m thinking so much more clearly. What a blessing.

“The depression, anxiety, OCD and ADD are virtually gone. I’m completely off my three powerful ‘head-meds’ of 19 years, and have stopped taking my strong prescription pain meds, after decades of physical and emotional dependence on them. I would not have attempted this without the phenomenal technology of Brain Optimization.

“As a side-note, I’ve gotten my legible handwriting back, and best of all, I’m no longer tripping and falling all over the country as my husband and I travel in our RV (I briefly considered creating a coffee table book entitled, “ERs I Have Known”).

“I praise God for leading me to Mary McPherson (now my valued friend), of “Awoken Life.” Her sensitive administrations of the brain optimizations have been the light at the end of my tunnel, and so clearly the answer to my prayers!”

Mary McPherson is the founder of Awoken Life Brainwave Optimization™, where she helps adults and children achieve brain balance and harmony in order to live healthier, happier, and more abundant lives. Connect with Mary and Awoken Life by calling (949) 661-6909 or visit Call today for a complimentary consultation. Awoken Life Brainwave Optimization is located at 30320 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite 104 in San Juan Capistrano.

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